Episode 402

Australian Air Date: 26th September 1989
UK Air Date: 3rd September 1990
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: Chris Adshead

Martin has a lot of trouble getting rid of some unwanted bunyips and Bobby finds Emma a little hard to take.

Extended Summary

Lance comes home and Martin has a go at him for dobbing him in to the delivery broke and leaving him $11,000 down, swimming in cuddly bunyips that nobody wants. Living Without Your Love plays on the radio and Martin says that’s something else Lance screwed up. Lance is depressed about Marilyn leaving and says the bunyips are Martin’s problem.

Emma is on the phone at the Stewart House, lying about her age to try and get some bar work. Ailsa says you could call it initiative but Alf says she should be in school. Ailsa has tried to talk to her but she wouldn’t listen.

Adam is on his yacht when Chris Hale (although still credited as “Policeman”) arrives and tells him he’s going to have to move the boat from the public wharf by tomorrow or it will be impounded. Martin arrives and tells Adam he has to help him shift the cuddly bunyips but Adam tells him it was his scam.

At the Diner, Ailsa tells Bibby that Emma has managed to get Alf and Celia offside already but she’s a good kid underneath; like Bobby before she got her act together. Viv and Steven are in a booth and Viv tells Steven she’s not going to see Matt any more, although she hasn’t told him yet. Steven tells her he’s not prepared to be second best. Martin comes in and tries to sell a cuddly bunyip to Steven and then Ailsa. Ailsa tells him he’s ripped off her bunyip design and sends him packing.

Martin has set up a stall outside the community centre selling bunyips for $5! Chris Hale arrives and asks him to accompany him to the station since he doesn’t have a trading license. Back at the mobile home, Martin is another $50 down for the fine and tells Lance that’s $11,050 he now owes him. Lance isn’t having any of it. They come to blows and bunyips start flying. Martin calms down and asks for Lance’s help as a mate. They go and borrow some radios from Steven.

At the Diner, Bobby asks Stacey how Andrew is getting on. Adam enters and complains about being homeless. He can’t afford the marina so he’ll have to take the yacht down the coast. Stacey tells him he’s welcome to stay with her until Andrew gets back. Emma arrives and tells Ailsa she didn’t get the job and thinks it’s because of her appearance. Ailsa asks Bobby to have a word with Emma about toning it down a bit.

Martin has reduced the bunyips to $3 or four for $10. He radios to Lance who checks through his binoculars that there are no police coming. A car pulls up as the driver and passenger are checking a map. Martin tries to sell them a bunyip but they don’t even respond to him.

Bobby tries to make small talk with Emma at the Diner but Emma thinks Ailsa has put her up to it and bites her head off. Bobby says she doesn’t care what Emma wears but people around here are narrow minded. Emma says Bobby is as daggy as the rest of them and Bobby calls her a moron!

The bunyips are now $2 each or five for $10 (what a deal!). Lance takes a Mars Bar out of his pocket and drops the radio. He can’t get through to Martin and the radio starts playing Living Without Your Love (of course). Lance starts thinking about Marilyn and doesn’t notice the police car behind him. Martin sells a bunyip just as Chris Hale returns and shakes his head.

Bobby takes a phone call from Carly about the raft and boasts to Adam that the girls are going to win the race. She checks he’s not going to stick to the bet if they lose though! Lance comes in, looking for Martin.

Martin pops into the store, looking for Lance. Alf and Ailsa are talking about Emma blowing the interview. Ailsa says Emma just needs someone to give her a chance. Alf asks who is going to give her a go with how she dresses and acts.

Lance is talking to Jonah the fish when Martin comes home and tells him he got another $50 fine. Lance thinks he should call it quits but Martin is planning to corner the kids’ market. The next day he rather disturbingly flashes his bunyips inside a long black coat outside the primary school, and a little girl screams.

Emma comes home from another disastrous interview and says she hates this place. Ailsa asks her what kind of work she has done before but Emma tells her to lay off.

Martin sells a boy a bunyip outside the school but the girls aren’t interested. Chris Hale appears and tells Martin that perverts like him should be locked up!

Emma arrives at the Diner and wants to know when she can start. Bobby says she doesn’t think they would get on but Emma says Ailsa has given her a job!

Guest Cast


Second appearance, last seen in #383. Busted Martin for trying to illegally sell his stuffed bunyips.

Was coaxed by a trench-coated Martin to buy his stuffed bunyips.

Was coaxed by a trench-coated Martin to buy his stuffed bunyips.

Was coaxed by a trench-coated Martin to buy his stuffed bunyips.

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