Episode 400

Australian Air Date: 22nd September 1989
UK Air Date: 30th August 1990
Writer: John Hugginson
Director: Tina Butler

Lance and Marilyn reach a decision about their future and Alf is shocked when he meets Ailsa’s niece.

Extended Summary

Pippa has a go at her mother about the way she talked to Ailsa. Coral tells Pippa it was clear that she didn’t want to talk about. Pippa says that’s correct, but she could have been a bit more diplomatic. Coral says that she can understands Alf’s reluctance to take in Emma. Pippa says that she hopes Emma is nothing like Dodge for Alf and Ailsa’s sake.

Lance finishes cleaning out Jonah’s fish tank. Lance tries to talk Martin whether he should let Marilyn go to the city to follow her dreams or not, but when he walks back through Martin has fallen asleep on the couch. At the diner, Marilyn confronts the same conundrum.

Viv asks Bobby if she knows where Matt is. Bobby says to try the surf club and Viv says she tried there and he wasn’t there. Bobby says that Matt just plays the joker and that it’s Steven that Viv should go for. Viv says she likes Steven, but only as a friend.

Alf and Ailsa are home talking about whether they should take on Emma. Alf says that they don’t know who she is and she sounds a handful by what they’ve heard, but Ailsa argues that she’s family and that she herself has lived in a home and knows what it’s like.

Coral runs Sally a fairy tale about a couple marrying and living happily ever after. Sally asks her if she thinks Lance and Marilyn will live happily ever after as Bobby and Frank didn’t. Coral talks about working out other else feeling and working together to make the marriage work.

Ailsa tells Alf that she’s rang the social worker and that’s she’s agreed to take on Emma. The following morning Alf is talking to Fisher in the store. Coral is there getting some groceries and on her way out continues her shoplifting. Martin comes in looking for some deoderant, but ends up collapsing in one of the aisles.

Lance talks to Pippa about marriage. Lance is worried Marilyn well get bored, but Pippa says it would be an honour to get married to him. At the diner Marilyn talks to Ailsa, how doesn’t paint marriage as quite the bed of roses. Sally talks to Lance about what Coral told her the previous night about being married. Whilst cleaning at Morag’s house, Marilyn watches some TV show and she begins to imagine herself on the show. She then plays herself at an awards ceremony and mentions her husband, Tom Cruise, and realising it isn’t Lance.

Bobby and Ailsa begin to wonder what Emma is going to be like. Over at the shop, Alf is talking about how Ailsa has decided to take the kid on and is annoyed that Pippa encouraged Ailsa. Pippa says she did no such thing and Alf realises that Ailsa has been lying to him to try and get him onside about Emma. He also remarks how the items on the counter have been pinched, the ones Coral took earlier in the episode.

Marilyn comes around to see Lance and tells him how much she loves and everything, but starts going on about being a career woman. Lance butts in and says he can’t let Marilyn marry him. Lance says he wouldn’t want to stop her shot at fame, an opportunity that not many people get. He cares too much for Marilyn to hold her back. They hug and say their goodbyes.

Alf and Fisher are talking about Emma and Alf is still peeved about Ailsa taking on Emma. He then goes around to his house and starts telling Ailsa to phone the social worker and tell her that they’ve decided not to take the kid on. Ailsa tells him to be quiet and takes him through to the dining room where she introduces him to Emma.

Guest Cast

Host of ‘Pick Your Date’ who Marilyn dreamed of staying with.

Co-host of ‘Pick Your Date’ who Marilyn dreamed of replacing.

Arrivals and Departures

Final episode. Left Summer Bay and Lance to become a game-show hostess.

First episode. Bridget’s daughter. Ailsa’s tearaway niece who came to stay following her mother’s neglect.