Episode 336

Australian Air Date: 26th June 1989
Writer: Elizabeth Coleman
Director: Julian McSwiney

Sally’s concern for those she loves leads to Roo making a confession she regrets.

Return episode, last seen in #198. Was highly impressed with lance’s choice in Marilyn.

Extended Summary

Colleen comes into Alf’s store and talks to Celia while she is working there. She talks gossip about Frank and Bobby and Roo as well.

Roo have changed her mind about resigning from Macklin office and she is still working there. She talks to Tom about Frank but he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Bobby talks to Fisher about how things are after she split up with Frank.

Bobby feels like moving out to a place on her own.

Lance and Martin is at beach. Sally comes by as well.

Colleen talks to Bobby about Frank. She says she is sorry for Bobby’s sake. Colleen also says that Frank and Roo had a secret affair together. Sally walks in and overhears it.

Sally is upset because of what she heard and she go to Roo’s office and yell at her. Sally say to Roo that she hates her for splitting Frank and Bobby up.

A lot of people think that Roo had an affair with Frank. Roo try to get people to understand that it isn’t true.

Martin talks to Roo. She is upset of all the lies and reputations about her and Frank. Roo is so tired of the reputations and say sarcastically to Martin: “Of course it is true that I had an affair with Frank etc”. Fisher hears it and thinks she really had an affair with Frank.

Colleen finds out that Lance is broke.

Tom and Pippa talk to Sally about yelling at Roo earlier in her office. Sally says it is Milko that made her do it!

Fisher tells Bobby that he overheard Roo telling Martin that it is true that she had an affair with Frank. Bobby feels very hurt and hugs Fisher. (Emotional music plays)

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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