Episode 95

Australian Air Date: 27th May 1988
UK Air Date: 23rd June 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Andrew Friedman

The Summer Bay nutter is cornered at last and makes touching amends to Nico.

Ninth appearance, last seen in #93. Was uncovered by Pippa, Donald and Jeff as the Summer Bay ‘Nutter’.

Extended Summary

Fisher walks into a classroom where Walter is preparing a lesson on the board saying they have something to discuss. Samuels and Pippa wait in the corridor. Samuels wonders why Fisher is taking so long and that he’d have Walter in custody by now. Walter becomes distressed and Samuels walks in to check everything is OK, but Fisher chases him out the room. Walter then explains why he poisoned the animals and burnt the town hall down. Fisher then takes him out the room.

At the Stewart House, Celia is worrying what ideas Walter might have planted in the kids heads. Alf tells Celia off saying it was an after-effect from the accident. Celia then says at least it distracts the attention from the shame of Roo’s shotgun wedding. Alf says is that what the church teaches and that it might be a idea to start following the real Christian teachings.

At school the following day, Roo is writing remarks about Bertram’s condition on the board. Bobby walks in and grabs her and tells her to rub it off the board. Fisher walks in and blames Bobby with the comments. Pippa says that Walter has asked to see her, and asks if Tom can run her to the hospital. Tom doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Pippa think she owes it to Walter. Bobby and Carly talk about how their part in Walter’s accident had could have led to him going crazy. Bobby sees Roo walking along and has a go at her for her getting into trouble this morning. When Roo walks away, Bobby asks Carly why she wants to be Roo’s bridesmaid. Matt then talks to Carly in a corridor and apologises about being a jerk over with happened between Foley and Carly.

Pippa goes to see Walter in the hospital. He tells Pippa how glad he was that it was all over and he gives Pippa a monetary reward which she wants to use to buy Nico a replacement cow. Celia is serving at the store and Nico comes in. She tells him that The Nutter has been caught and that it was Walter. Nico runs out and rushes over to the school wanting to hurt Mr. Bertram for killing Jessie. Samuels treats Nico in a roughshod way, but Steven stands up for Nico and gets Samuels to treat Nico like a real human being.

Carly and Steven return home from school and they want to talk about what happened at the school, but Pippa says that they’ve got to go and do something. Tom brings Nico to the caravan park and they show him his new cow. That evening Steven tells Tom he’s having second thoughts about the Power Pack and they hug. Just after they’ve finished dinner, Nico turns up with his cow and says that since Bobby’s moving out, they’ll need another member of the family and he’s moving in.

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