Episode 7

Australian Air Date: 26th January 1988
UK Air Date: 21st February 1989
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Richard Sarell

Celia’s persistent matchmaking forces Alf to make a decision about Ailsa, while Tom unearths startling details of Carly’s family background.

First episode. Alf, Morag and Barbara’s sister. Roo, Alan, Rebecca and (unknowingly) Bobby’s aunt. Strict religious spinster and local gossip.
First appearance. Carly’s identical twin sister. Successful model visited by Tom.
First appearance. Carly and Samantha’s deceptive father. Visited by Tom.
First appearance. Stray dog which Carly and Sally brought home. Caused annoyance with his excessive barking in the Caravan Park.

Extended Summary

Carly looks in a model magazine with pictures of her mother as a model. Sally walks in and asks who she is.

Roo overhears Celia and Alf talking about the dinner Alf and Ailsa had together.

A dog follows when Carly gives Sally a lift on her bike.

Celia is out on her bike too and the dog starts to follow her instead and Celia falls down in a ditch. She’s shocked.

Sally and Carly bring the dog home to feed it. Pippa has a hard time to get the dog to leave after it has eaten!

Tom drives to George Morris’ house, Carly’s father, to find out why he sent her the cheque. When he knocks on the door, Samantha, Carly’s twin sister, opens. She looks exactly like Carly and Tom is very surprised. He meets George and they talk. George says that Carly is blackmailing him, sort of. Tom tells Carly that he spoke to her father and asks her why she is blackmailing her father.

Ola Carlsson, 1999