Episode 6

Australian Air Date: 25th January 1988
UK Air Date: 20th February 1989
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Richard Sarell

Lance and Martin’s prank places Fisher in an embarrassing predicament.

Third appearance, last seen in #4. Informed Tom and Pippa about Carly’s handbrake stunt.

Extended Summary

Tom and Pippa find out Carly has received a cheque for $8,000. They wonder how she has got it. They give the envelope to Carly but don’t say they know it’s a cheque.

Bob Barnett speaks to Tom and Pippa. He says that Carly was responsible for the car crash.

Martin and Lance are down at beach drinking beer and come up with an idea to get back at Fisher since they got fired from their jobs due to the car crash earlier. To get back at Fisher, they put a jellyfish in Fisher’s car!

Later on, they heard that Fisher got them their jobs back when Fisher discovered it was Carly who was responsible for the crash. They run to Fisher’s car to get the jellyfish out of the car but it’s too late! Fisher gets in the car and sits on it. He’s furious! He discovers it must have been placed there by Martin and Lance!

Martin take Fisher’s pants to the dry cleaner and while Fisher is without pants in his office, Sergeant Barnett walks in. He wonders what Fisher has been up to! Fisher gets very angry at Martin!

Carly tells Tom and Pippa that she got the cheque from his father.

Frank and Roo are planning to start a band. Frank and Roo kiss.

Tom calls Carly’s father but no one is there. Tom says he will visit Carly’s father first thing in the morning.

Ola Carlsson, 1999