Episode 5

Australian Air Date: 22nd January 1988
UK Air Date: 17th February 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Riccardo Pellizerri

Roo and Alf attempt to conceal their evening arrangements from each other. Meanwhile, Neville makes a startling discovery when a priority-paid letter arrives for Carly.

Extended Summary

Floss and Neville eat oysters. Carly is worried due to car crash and asks Floss for a tarot card reading.Alf asks Ailsa to come to dinner at Alf’s place and this time he won’t let Roo stop it. Roo says she is going to the cinema tonight. Alf doesn’t tell her that Ailsa is coming over.

Roo climbs up a ladder to Frank’s room instead of going to cinema. Steven discovers she is in Frank’s room. Frank pays Steven $5 to study downstairs instead of their room.

Alf and Ailsa have dinner at Alf’s house. Ailsa found out that he avoided to tell Roo that she was coming over. She says they need to talk to Roo about their relationship so she’ll accept it.

Carly starts crying in front of Steven and Frank. She tells them about the car crash.

Carly confesses to Fisher that she was responsible for the car crash. He is surprised it wasn’t Bobby. He says Tom and Pippa will have to pay for the damage. She say she’ll try to find the money herself in two days or then he can tell them about it.

Frank starts working for Alf in his store.

Neville notices a letter to Carly which was delivered by courier. He gets curious and tries to read it without opening the envelope. He finds that it’s a cheque for $8,000.

Ola Carlsson, 1999


> Alf courts Ailsa at the Store.

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