Episode 4

Australian Air Date: 21st January 1988
UK Air Date: 16th February 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Riccardo Pellizerri

Roo thwarts Alf and Ailsa’s plans for a romantic dinner. Meanwhile, Frank and Roo realise they share more than an interest in music.

Extended Summary

Martin and Lance’s car crashes into Walter’s car. Fisher speaks to them in his office. Walter is in hospital with a broken arm and some internal injuries. Fisher blames Martin and Lance for their car rolling down the street. Sergeant Barnett speaks to them as well.

Sally starts to like school.

Tom and Pippa play chess.

Frank goes to Alf’s house to ask if he can have a job at Alf’s store. Alf isn’t home. Roo asks him in to wait for Alf till he gets home. Roo makes him coffee while waiting. Frank stays there a long time. Roo and Frank play the guitar and they get on really well. Frank gets a part time job at Alf’s store. Roo and Frank start to like each other.

Frank talks to Tom about falling in love and how Tom felt when he fell in love with Pippa.

A couple appears in the caravan park to stay in one of the caravans.

Fisher suspects that Bobby or Carly have released the parking brake on Lance and Martin’s car. Martin and Lance get fired for the hassles about the car crash. Bobby talks to Carly about taking the responsibility for the car crash.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

Guest Cast

Second appearance, last seen in the Pilot. Acted as mediator following the Bertram incident.

Tom and Pippa’s first customers at the caravan park.

Tom and Pippa’s first customers at the caravan park.


>Roo and Frank meet for the first time.
>Tom tells Frank about his first encounter with Pippa.