Episode 27

Australian Air Date: 23rd February 1988
UK Air Date: 21st March 1989
Writer: Greg Millin
Director: Chris Sheil

Floss’ decision to face her estranged son has unforeseen consequences.

First appearance. Scott McPhee’s nanny interviewer. Gave a deceptive Floss the job.

Extended Summary

Bobby punches Roo in her face.

Roo arrives at school; Bobby and Carly pick on her at school.

Roo tells Alison and her friends what Ailsa has done.

Floss wants to go to the city to meet Scott and talk to him.

Lance asks Ailsa for an autograph! Martin and Lance say they have never met a murderer before!

Neville and Floss head off to the city to see Scott. Neville does not want to see Scott so he stays in car while Floss walks in. Scott is away on holiday with his wife. There is a woman living in their house temporarily to look after Scott’s son. She thinks Floss is there for babysitter interviews and Floss acts as if she is!

Floss pretends her name is Miss Neville! She gets to see a photo of Scott’s son. Mrs Lacey asks Floss for references for babysitting. Floss is worried and comes up with an idea. She says Pippa and Ailsa can give her references. She pretends she has worked as a babysitter for them.

Floss and Neville hurry back to Summer Bay to tell Pippa and Ailsa about the plan about acting as a babysitter to be able to meet their grandson. Floss tells them how important it is to her to see her grandson. Pippa agrees to help her with it, but Ailsa says she doesn’t want to help her by lying. Floss gets very angry with Ailsa. She is very disappointed.

Martin and Lance approach Steven, but are knocked down by one of his moves! They ask Steven to teach them some karate moves. He says OK but they have a hard time learning anything!

Ailsa changes her mind and decides to lie to help Floss to see her grandson. Mrs Lacey asks Pippa and Ailsa for references and they say Floss is wonderful; Floss gets the babysitter job. Floss is very happy!

Roo comes to Ailsa’s store and asks for a knife-sharpener. She then asks if it works on carving knives too, stirring up trouble for Ailsa since Roo said so to make Ailsa guilty for killing her father. Bobby gets upset at Roo. Ailsa sells Roo the knife-sharpener. Ailsa goes into her apartment and cries.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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