Episode 28

Australian Air Date: 24th February 1988
UK Air Date: 22nd March 1989
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: Chris Sheil

Steven takes lessons in the Lance and Martin school of seduction.

Fifth appearance, last seen in #22. Organised the vigilante group to catch Nico’s stalker.
Chick Steven tried to put the moves on.
Stacey’s boyfriend who embarrassed Steven.

>The ‘Nutter’ is seen in shadows burning down the Town Hall.

Extended Summary

Bob explains to Tom, Frank and Fisher a plan on how to find out who is responsible for the killing of Nico’s cow. They decide to meet at 7:30 at the Pappas farm.

Steven tries to impress a girl in Ailsa’s store but he discovers she already has a boyfriend!

Frank is angry with Roo because of what she did to Ailsa. He tells Martin and Lance that he wants her out of the band. She overhears it and is angry. Frank and Roo go up to his room and argue.

Frank’s band start rehearsing but he is so upset and says he will quit the band!

Steven gets annoyed when he can’t be in the Barnett’s plan to find out who the “nutter” is. Tom and Frank are on the way to the Pappas farm and Tom tells Steven he cannot come with them.

Frank, Tom, Alf, Fisher and Bob are at the Pappas farm at at 7:30 for the stakeout.

While they are there, someone burns down the Community Hall.

Alf finds out that Celia had told Doris Peters about the stakeout and he is angry because of that.

Ailsa gets a threat letter with the text: “We don’t like killers. Get out of Summer Bay pronto or your shop burns next!”

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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