Episode 29

Australian Air Date: 25th February 1988
UK Air Date: 23rd March 1989
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Chris Sheil

Alf makes a snap decision about Roo’s future, while the Fletchers are mystified by Lance’s eccentric domestic arrangements.

First episode. Sam and Kerry’s only daughter. Timid, intelligent girl whose dating of Steven was a cause for abuse from her father.
Sixth appearance, last seen in #28. Investigated the destruction of the Town Hall.
First appearance. Alison’s friend Gorgeous schoolgirl Steven tried unsuccessfully to chat up. Surname referred to as ‘Harp’ in this episode.
Customer at the Hogan Store

Extended Summary

Ailsa and Pippa try to work out who might have sent the letter of threat Ailsa got. They think it may from the “nutter”.

Sally is home from school today. She says she is sick.

Lance moves in permanently into a caravan in the caravan park.

Bob does not think it would be the “nutter” who is responsible for Ailsa’s letter of threat. He thinks it may be a teenager because the letter is written with letters cut out from various magazines. Pippa and Ailsa reckon it could have been Roo who sent the letter.

A girl in school called Sandra drops her book just to get Steven to notice her and pick it up for her. Lynn explains to Steven that Sandra likes him.

Sally spends the day with Lance. He is building a home-brew machine and Sally is curious to know what it is! Lance tells her not to say anything to anyone. Bob comes by and asks him if he has seen anyone who could be responsible for the burning of the Community Hall. Sally tells Bob that Lance is making a home-brew machine but Lance says it’s a part of a new exhaust system!

Alf and Ailsa find out it is Roo who sent the letter as they find a magazine that is hers with letters cut out from its pages.

Steven helps Lance build the home-brew machine.

Lance buys 20 kilos of potatoes in Ailsa’s store to use with the home-brew machine. Pippa works there when he buys them and she is very surprised!

Alf is very angry with Roo for the letter she sent to Ailsa and says she will have to go to boarding school. She acts tough and says: “Fine, see if I care!”

Steven asks an older girl out to a movie but she just smiles and walks away. Steven asks Sandra if he looks immature. She says no.

Roo tries to get Alf to change his mind about the boarding school because she wants to stay in Summer Bay. Alf won’t change his mind and he says Morag will help him book her into a boarding school in the city. Roo is angry and says he only wants her to go so Ailsa can come and sleep there whenever she wants! Alf is extremely angry and says Roo is definitely going to the boarding school now!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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