Episode 210

Australian Air Date: 4th November 1988
UK Air Date: 1st December 1989
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Tina Butler

Carly’s bitterness grows and Lance makes a shocking discovery.

Twenty-sixth appearance, last seen in #208. Asked the Fletchers to look after Craig during his break.
Third and final appearance, last seen in #203. Posed as a building contractor to con Lance.

Extended Summary

Gary acts innocently to Lance. He lies that the builder must have ripped them off. Gary pretends to phone the builder; he fakes it and lies that the number is cancelled!

Lance wants to call the police but Gary tries to talk him out of it!

Roo has received flowers from her boyfriend David in Melbourne. Alf and Ailsa still think she just made him up even though they’ve seen the flowers!

Lance is depressed because of what happened. He buys a 6-pack from Alf.

Gary talks to Lance at the beach and drinks beer. He tries to smooth talk Lance into continuing the plans of the night-club. Gary says he has found another builder.

Roo visits Carly at the Fletchers. Sally talks to them too.

Gary phones a friend in the city and explains to him about Lance and the plans to rip him off. His plan is to have his friend appear as a builder in front of Lance.

Carly talks to Gary. She asks him for another chance. She tries to act more mature and sexy. He still says no; it is actually Jeff who told Gary earlier to back out of the relationship with Carly.

Gary’s dodgy friend comes to Summer Bay to pretend he is a builder.

Craig will be living with Celia for a while. He hates the idea of living there.

Lance meets the “builder” called Brad. He still has his doubts about continuing the night-club plans and says he has to think about it for a while. Lance thinks he has seen the builder from somewhere else.

Carly has made a petition for people to sign to get rid of Gary and Jeff!

Alf and Ailsa tell Roo that they think she made David up. She convinces them she has not made him up. They realise they have been wrong.

Lance recalls seeing the “builder” working in a night-club in the city and suspects he is not a builder at all.

Ola Carlsson, 1999