Episode 211

Australian Air Date: 7th November 1988
UK Air Date: 4th December 1989
Writer: Alison Nisselle
Director: Richard Sarell

Lance and Martin are scheming, while Carly tries more democratic means to deal with the Samuels brothers.

Girl who helped Craig convince Celia he was a bad egg.
Girl who helped Craig convince Celia he was a bad egg.

Extended Summary

Lance has realised that Gary is a con man who ripped him off.

Craig moves into Celia’s house. He is not very happy about this but Celia is thrilled!

Martin and Lance are very angry at Gary!

Carly has managed to get 186 names on her petition list to get Gary and Jeff out of Summer Bay.

Lance and Martin have also signed the list.

Fisher sees the petition and rips it to pieces!

Lance and Martin try to get Gary to come over to their place this evening. He knows they are up to something!

Steven and Craig organise a small party with two girls in Celia’s house to make her change her mind about having Craig staying there! Celia arrives home; on seeing it, she gets angry.

Steven wants Craig to live at the Fletchers instead. Craig stays at the Fletchers.

Martin and Lance have organised for Celia coming over to their place at night; she thinks she is going there to discuss charity and such. They organise it so as to have Celia’s presence when Gary comes over to talk about the night-club. They hope that Celia would be a witness of Gary’s crime.

When Gary arrives there, he suspects they’re up to something; he twists the whole situation and proves himself to be innocent! On leaving, he whispers to Lance and Martin, “Nice try guys!”

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