Episode 188

Australian Air Date: 5th October 1988
UK Air Date: 1st November 1989
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Tina Butler

A new man in town revives awful memories for Carly.

First episode. Jeff’s deceitful younger brother and former resident who was top HSC student in NSW. Came to town for a visit. Was wrongly suspected of being Carly’s rapist.
Return episode, last seen in #97. Was visited by Gary before realising the truth about his younger brother’s deception.
Eighteenth appearance, last seen in #187. Checked on Gary’s alibi for the day of Carly’s rape.
Final episode. Headed back to Yabbie Creek.

> Carly’s rape occurred on Sunday 6th March, 1988 (eight months ago)
> Jeff and Gary’s parents were Clyde Jeffrey Samuels and Rose Louise Samuels. They died 30th March, 1983. Gary was 15 at the time.

Extended Summary

Carly is hysterical and explains to Tom that she has seen the guy who attacked her a while ago.

Down on the beach with Jeff Samuels (the sports teacher). Steven goes to beach and see Samuels and another guy. It is Jeff’s younger brother, Gary, from the city. Steven asks him a few questions and Jeff thinks Steven is bothering them. Steven yells at Gary that he’s the one who attacked Carly.

Steven found out that Gary was in Summer Bay around the same time as Carly was attacked. Gary said he had car trouble at that time. Jeff says to Gary that Steven is only accusing him just to cause trouble.

Sergeant Barnett questions Gary and Jeff about what Carly accused Gary of. Jeff gives Gary a alibi in front of Barnett.

Barnett talks to Tom and Pippa and says that he thinks Carly must have been mistaken. Carly gets angry as he doesn’t believe her. (Emotional music plays)

Carly goes down to the beach with Steven to look for Gary to confront him. They run into Jeff at the beach instead.

Gary goes to the Fletchers and speaks to Tom and Pippa to clear the air. Tom and Pippa are very surprised. Gary wants to meet Carly but Pippa doesn’t think she is ready for that yet since she is still so upset.

Narelle (Lance’s cousin) will be leaving Summer Bay as she’s moving.

Carly finds out that Gary talked to Tom and Pippa and gets even more upset.

Carly meets Gary down at beach. He says they have to talk and Carly is feeling scared.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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