Episode 185

Australian Air Date: 30th September 1988
UK Air Date: 27th October 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Tina Butler

Panic spreads through Summer Bay as a “lunatic’ roams free.

Extended Summary

Mr. Bertram hobbles towards Carly, limping badly, his face all twisted up. He is unshaven, wearing ragged clothes, looking ill and frightening. Carly is terrified. He reaches out to her and tries to say something. Carly reacts in fear and tries to get away from him, even though he manages to stutter that he doesn’t want to hurt her. He chases her outside to try to explain, then collapses. Carly goes to help him but when he has a fit she panics and runs off. She finds Steven and the others and tells them the Nutter’s back. Steven and Philip are worried about him and go back to the house but there’s no sign of him.

The group arrive home and tell Tom, Pippa, Bobby and Sally about Walter. They’re shocked. Pippa wants to go and see him. She and Philip go to see Donald to tell him what’s been going on. Donald says he’ll go and see him in the morning but that they need to keep it quiet because he’s worried how the townspeople will react if they know he’s back. Bobby persuades Carly to come with her to tell Narelle to keep it quiet, as it is all their fault in a way, since it was their letting the handbrake off Fishers car when the Fletchers first came to the Bay that has led to all this.

Narelle breaks away from the others back in town and rushes to the store. She cant keep the secret for a second, blurting it out to Celia and Frank. Of course she makes a big drama and horror story out of it, embellishing Carly’s tale by making out Walter attacked her in the house and tried to hurt her because he’s gone even more insane than before! Of course Celia is straight away on the phone telling her friends that the Nutter is back…When she calls Donald, he is angry about what she’s saying and goes to tell Pippa and the others. He decides to head to the house straightaway to make sure Walter’s all right and asks them to send the police there for Walter’s own protection, but Bob Barnett isn’t answering.

And he’s right, as an angry mob of townsfolk are soon making their way to Walters home to find him and drag him to the cops, the story now going around that he molested Carly… Tom, Philip, Frank and Steven decide to head down there, worried about Walter and Donald. Unknown to anyone, Walter is making his way into town, hiding from people. Bobby and Narelle decide to get their own back on Celia for telling people by going to the Stewart house, rattling on the door and making loud noises so she thinks the Nutter has come for her.

Pippa is looking after Christopher when Walter arrives at the house. She asks him what happened and he slowly tells her a tragic story. After he was found out as being the Summer Bay Nutter he was taken to a hospital for treatment of his head injury. They performed an operation on his brain to try and relieve the blood clot that had formed there and that had made him go crazy but although it was successful there was nerve damage: His mind is now fine but it’s trapped in a damaged body. He made his way back to his old house, where he lived as a child, only going to outpatients once a week. He shut himself away there, away from everyone. He doesn’t want to be hounded. He just wants to be left alone. He thinks she’s frightened of him but she assures him she isn’t. She leaves him alone with Christopher and asks him to look after him.

Thanks to Derrick M. Domican.