Episode 122

Australian Air Date: 5th July 1988
UK Air Date: 1st August 1989
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Greg Shears

Bobby is alarmed by a young surfie who claims to have intimate knowledge of her childhood pranks.

Return episode, last seen in #117. Visited Carly to trick her into signing his modelling contract.

Extended Summary

After Donald encountered Alan and Bobby in the Shop he fled outside to his car with Alan following closely behind. Alan wanted a conversation with his Dad but Donald didn’t want a confrontation in front of Bobby, which he then insulted her, nor did he want to discuss personal matters in public. After Bobby left and Donald was in his car, Alan approached his Dad annoyed with what had just happened in the store and challenged him to a conversation. Donald said that he would talk to Alan but he refused to be made a fool of in front of the people that he had to live and work with.

Bobby retold of the encounter with Donald and Alan to Ailsa and said that she wasn’t interested in Alan nor knew why he mentioned that they were friends. Ailsa thought that it had nothing to do with Bobby and more to do with the fact that Alan and Donald had been at loggerheads with each other since “day one” and that they hadn’t seen each other in years. Ailsa also mentioned that the reason Donald has it in for Bobby was that she reminded him of Alan, they both being two rebels, so alike and looking for a cause.

Donald inspected Alan’s mode of transport, a light blue VW combi van and Alan offered it to him to drive anytime he liked. He felt awkward when trying to discuss with Alan about his health, so Alan mentioned that he was repeating his HSC as he only passed two of his subjects last year and said that this year he would fail them all. Donald was appalled by Alan’s attitude to have a serious conversation and walked away in disgust which left Alan dumbfounded.

Alan asked Bobby out on a date to the drive-ins and that he would pick her up at 7.30 pm, for old time’s sake, to see a double of Police Academy 3 and 4 which she eventually accepted so that she could wind up ‘Flathead’ and hoped that someone else would stand up and take notice once seeing Bobby and Alan together.

Martin had read a book about Australia’s top business men and how they made their money. With that thought in mind, he wanted help out with the filming of Carly’s modeling job either helping out with the camera work or being Carly’s bodyguard but needed Frank’s help to convince Carly. Carly walked in on their conversation and dashed any hopes of Martin working with a professional team.

Frank was telling Carly some home truths about how she had changed, that the way she was acting just like a lousy little snob ever since the modeling job came up and the way she talked was different. Carly mentioned that she was going to see her Father to go over the details of the job without Tom and Pippa knowing. Frank disagreed with Carly’s decision but Carly wanted to prove that she could face her Father on her own and that she didn’t want to be scared of him all his life.

In Celia’s living room, Alan explained that he wanted to check out the surf and didn’t know how long it would take before coming to see his worried Mum. Alan put on a façade but his Mum saw right through it. Alan told Barbara the truth about his condition, she was shocked and upset but he explained that that was the reason that he had to be nearer to her. Barbara wanted to tell Donald about Alan’s condition but he stated that his Father gave up those rights years ago and if he was to be told then Alan would get into his van and take off.

Donald with his head under the car bonnet was fixing the engine when Bobby surfaced from the beach. She told him that his son was a spunk and that they had a date for that night at the drive-in. She then broke the news to Carly and was going on a date with Alan to stir up his old man. Frank came in during the conversation and Bobby started her stirring by hyping up Alan’s appearance, his skills as a surfer and her date with him. Frank told her that he wasn’t jealous but Bobby kept saying that he should get over Roo and that she was going out to have some fun as there were plenty of guys in Summer Bay.

Alf told Ailsa of his encounter with Brett Macklin whilst in the City with Roo. He was suspicious of Brett although he put it down to being protective over his daughter.

Martin wanted a job with the professional film crew that was working on Carly’s modeling job. He was willing to ask Carly’s Dad if necessary.

Barbara was drowning her sorrows by listening to her classical music record collection on vinyl when Donald came to visit. He told her of the encounters that he’s had that day with Bobby and with Alan. He rhetorically asked why Barbara came to the Bay and applied for a teaching position at his school, told her that he wanted Alan to leave Summer Bay but Barbara informed him that Alan was staying in the Bay and was enrolling at his school. She would talk to Alan about staying away from Donald but she had no intentions of sending him away and that she would fight Donald every step of the way when it came to their son.

Bobby and Narelle were chatting on the beach about Bobby’s run in with Frank and that he saw right through her. Bobby admitted that she was only going out with Alan to make Frank jealous and to stir up ‘Flathead’. Narelle thought that Bobby had the hots for Alan and that she thought that he was cute but Bobby thought that he’s a dag.

Martin and Lance are setting up the VCR player to show Mr. Morris the tape of Roo and Frank’s wedding. Meanwhile Carly finally came face to face with her Father alone after Frank told her that he’d be at Lance’s. Martin and Lance were watching the tape of the wedding when Frank threw them both out of the caravan so that he could watch the tape alone.