Episode 5677

Australian Air Date: 12th February 2013
UK Air Date: 12th March 2013
Writer: Margaret Wilson, Louise Bowes
Director: David Gould

Brax and Heath attempt to escape the deal alive, however Brax finds himself in serious trouble. After Maddy’s illness Harvey calls the police – much to Roo’s dismay. Meanwhile, Alf worries Celia’s short rehabilitation for gambling has not been successful.

Extended Summary

Adam is true to his word, and Darcy returns safely to the share house. Bianca and Heath are relieved that she’s out of danger. With Bianca’s approval, Heath heads back out to help Brax. Heath arrives in time to save Brax from a hidden gunman. With the dealer having escaped, Brax heads off to find Adam. Soon afterwards, Brax and Adam have a heated and emotional confrontation. Blinded by anger, Brax walks into the path of the dealer’s speeding car, only to be saved by Adam at the last second. Heath arrives on the scene to find Adam dead on the pavement and Brax in a world of confusion. A devastated Brax heads off, telling Heath to look after Casey and the restaurant. Is he gone for good?

Maddy is diagnosed with meningitis and Roo feels deep guilt – she could have looked after the kids better. Harvey tells Roo that he called the police, fearing for the kids’ health. However, Roo is upset, remembering her own teenage years when she was a runaway. Despite Roo’s anger, Harvey stands by his decision – he knows what it’s like to lose a child.

Alf questions Celia on her gambling rehabilitation, wary that she’s come full circle in just a matter of days. Celia quells his reservations, but when she opens a wallet full of cash, it seems Alf’s concerns were well-warranted – Celia is not rehabilitated at all.