Episode 5678

Australian Air Date: 13th February 2013
UK Air Date: 13th March 2013
Writer: Fiona Bozic
Director: David Gould

Spencer reveals to Maddy he thinks they should return home. Alf warns Celia if she gambles again, she’ll be out the door for good. Indi, Dex, April and Romeo stage an intervention for Sid and he decides to see a psychologist. Tamara’s ex Nelson arrives in Summer Bay.

Extended Summary

Spencer reveals that it’s actually a relief that Harvey called the police. Worried for Maddy, he thinks it might be time they return home. Maddy is enraged by Spencer’s suggestion, and in a moment of impulsivity, she calls her mother and tells her that she won’t be returning. The pair’s reluctance to involve their parents leaves Roo and Alf wondering if they should instead. Later, a sum of money is found under Maddy’s pillow and it doesn’t take Alf long to identify the perpetrator. He quizzes Celia on her gambling problem and warns that should she bet again, she’ll be out the door for good.

Casey is stunned to hear from Kyle what’s happened with Brax, Heath and Adam. To make matters worse, Tamara informs him of her ex-boyfriend’s plot to contact her. Despite feeling they have the situation in control, they are unaware that Nelson has just arrived in the Bay.

Staging a mini-intervention, Indi, Romeo, Dex and April try to get to the bottom of Sid’s heartache. Sid insists that he needs time, but following a reluctance to perform Maddy’s lumbar puncture, he heads to a psychologist with the fear that he may be having a breakdown.