Episode 5679

Australian Air Date: 14th February 2013
UK Air Date: 14th March 2013
Writer: Nick King
Director: David Gould

Tamara panics when she find out that her ex-boyfriend Nelson is in town. Kyle gets into an altercation with Nelson when they meet. Rosie’s got a secret and Sasha’s keen to find out what it is. Jett goes to the Summer Bay disco.

Extended Summary

Panic stations set in for Tamara, who discovers that her ex-boyfriend Nelson is in town. Casey reassures her that they’ll keep a low profile, but when Rosie gives Nelson the address of where Tamara is staying, she is found and agrees to return home unwillingly. Casey tries to stop Tamara leaving, despite her protestations that they let Nelson have his way. However, they are saved by Kyle, who knocks Nelson out.

Sasha is wary of Rosie when she continues to talk about a family Sasha has never met. Sasha hunts down Natalie, but due to counsellor/patient confidentiality, she can’t get to the bottom of what is going on – she’ll have to get it out of Rosie herself. Sasha’s suspicions increase when Rosie cancels her invitation to Sasha to stay the night. However, hearing that Rosie has got to look after her little sister at the disco, Sasha insists that she is coming too.

Jett struggles to cope with Indi’s rejection. Upon the advice of John and Liam, he decides to attend the Summer Bay disco.