Episode 5680

Australian Air Date: 15th February 2013
UK Air Date: 15th March 2013
Writer: Zokov Nyste
Director: David Gould

With Nelson in custody, it appears that things between Casey and Tamara are going to be okay. Despite meeting Rosie’s little sister, Sasha’s still convinced somethings not right with Rosie. Roo and Alf discover the reason Maddy’s parents havent showed. Jett meets a girl at the disco.

Extended Summary

With no response from Maddy or Spencer’s parents, Roo follows things up with the police. Roo confides in Alf, hardly believing that any parent would neglect their kids. However, Alf opens Roo’s eyes to the situation. He explains that when Roo ran away as a teenager, he didn’t chase after her, but that did not mean that he didn’t care. It was the same thing when Roo had to give up Martha. Emerson arrives at Summer Bay House with the news that the reason Maddy’s parents haven’t arrived is because Maddy told them not to – she threatened to run should they show. Alf suggests having Spencer and Maddy move in with them, but when questioned about whether she can look after the kids full-time, Roo admits that she can’t. Neither of them is sure what to do next.

Taking a wounded Nelson to the police station, Tamara is saved from returning home. Casey and Tamara declare their love for one another at the beach. Later, Casey and Kyle make peace at the share house, and it seems things are looking up for all concerned. But Kyle then receives a letter in the mail outlining his court appearance.

Having received advice on how to get girls from John and Liam, Jett arrives at the Summer Bay disco. Despite a couple of setbacks, Jett becomes the man of the party, attracting the attention of a girl called Nina.

Sasha meets Rosie’s little sister at the disco. Despite the introduction, Sasha is left feeling that something isn’t right.