Episode 5676

Australian Air Date: 11th February 2013
UK Air Date: 11th March 2013
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: David Gould

Having discovered Adam has taken Darcy, Brax and Heath try and get her back. Harvey and Roo allow Maddy and Spencer to stay at the caravan park, but they become concerned when Maddy gets a fever. Sid’s depressive manner continues.

Extended Summary

Heath’s fears are realised when he receives a phone call from Adam – he’s taken Darcy out of school. Adam will ensure her safe return, but only if Heath carries out a job for him. After Heath tells Brax, the two brothers head to an industrial worksite with the promise of meeting Adam and getting Darcy back. When Adam reveals the job that Heath must complete, Brax steps in – this is his mess, he’ll be the one to clean it up. Adam warns the dealer has a habit of killing the link man, but Brax insists to Heath that he’ll carry out the deal – Heath has a daughter to think about.

Maddy and Spencer accept Roo’s offer to stay at the caravan park. Harvey insists that they should call the kids’ parents, but Roo reveals that she has made an agreement with them – she won’t call their parents if they don’t run away again. Having been invited by Alf to dinner at Summer Bay House, Maddy falls asleep only to be woken by Roo and Harvey. She doesn’t look well and she’s burning up. They need to take her to a hospital.

Sid’s downward spiral continues. Despite the kids’ continual support, he denies anything is wrong. However, when Romeo loses his job and Sid doesn’t seem interested, it’s clear that something is definitely not right.