Episode 5675

Australian Air Date: 8th February 2013
UK Air Date: 8th March 2013
Writer: Alexandra Mills
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Heath has his custody revoked, then Darcy is kidnapped by a mysterious man. Kyle and Liam start a friendship.

Extended Summary

Heath is on edge, waiting to hear from DOCS about the results of his application to have full custody of Darcy. He then gets a message from Connie who wants to meet up. She thinks they’re making a huge mistake, and she can’t understand why he wants to change the arrangement. Connie questions whether Heath would always be there for Darcy. Heath is devastated when DOCS reject his application to be a full time parent and revoke his visitation rights. Soon afterwards, Connie storms into Angelo’s, accusing Heath of taking Darcy from school. She explains that a man picked Darcy up, but Heath knows nothing about it. A stranger has Darcy…

Roo and Harvey are apprehensive about Maddy and Spencer’s return, not wanting to spook them into running away again. They offer Spencer work at the bait shop, and he happily accepts. Harvey and Alf are impressed with Spencer’s knowledge of boats, but are concerned when Spencer lets slip that his father is still alive. Maddy admits to Roo that she didn’t go to hospital – they were running and decided to come back. Roo and Harvey then find Maddy’s picture in a missing persons list. Harvey is determined to call the police, but Roo manages to persuade him to wait until they talk to Maddy and Spencer. When confronted by Roo’s evidence, the couple reveal that they are not brother and sister – they’re runaways who wanted to be together.

An irritable Liam complains to Natalie about their living situation, and she clocks that there’s a bigger issue at play. He admits that Bianca served him with divorce papers, and he feels like his life is not moving forward. Natalie talks to Bianca about it, but warns they might need to give Liam time. Liam talks to Bianca, assuring her that he hopes she and Heath are happy together and that the custody arrangement works out.