Episode 5114

Australian Air Date: 8th July 2010
UK Air Date: 15th July 2010

Romeo sees Penn with another girl. The nurses refuse to work with Sid after what he did to Therese.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Extended Summary

Romeo sees Penn in an intimate pose with a mystery girl on the beach. He asks Nicole if she’s still seeing him, but she says she isn’t really seeing him, just hanging out now and then – but Romeo’s still not really sure where she stands with Penn. Meanwhile, Nicole’s curious at his line of questioning and later clocks some tension between Romeo and Penn. She questions Penn on it, but he charms his way out of it. At school Nicole confronts Romeo but he denies any problem. Indi clocks the tension and Romeo explains the situation. He’s at a loss as to whether to tell Nic about the girl. Indi tells him that if she was Nicole she’d want to know, but Romeo is worried that Nic will be angry at him. Romeo tells Nic, but he’s unsure if it was the right thing to do. However Nicole says she’s okay and isn’t angry with Romeo, she and Penn aren’t a couple, technically he can see other girls if he wants to. Romeo’s not convinced she’s as at ease with this as she’s making out. Later Romeo sees Penn come out of a van with another girl and confronts him. Penn puts Romeo in his place, telling him he was just talking to the backpacker about changing her story in the stolen items matter. Later, Nicole tries talking to Penn but, after hearing what he has done for Colleen, decides he is a good guy and doesn’t need to ask. Nicole tells Romeo what Penn did, but Romeo still isn’t convinced about Penn – Nicole isn’t budging, but is happy that Romeo cares enough about her to look out for her.

Leah tells a surprised Rachel that a nurse threw coffee on Sid at the hospital the previous day. Rachel is shocked and asks Sid about the incident after noticing some tension between him and one of the nurses. He doesn’t want to make a complaint and tells Rachel the nurse was an ex of his, it wasn’t work related. Later, the nurses disobey Sid, and Nurse Julie tells Rachel they refuse to work with Sid after what he did to Therese. Rachel talks to the nurses, but gets nowhere – they will tend to Sid’s patent, but not whilst he’s in the room – and it seems they will have to take the matter to the nurse unit manager. Until then, Rachel will help Sid with his patients, but Sid tells her he can’t continue if things are going to remain this way. Sid tries talking to Nurse Julie, telling her that personal matters should not affect anyones professional conduct – it’ll only be the patients who suffer. But Julie is defiant and refuses to listen to Sid. When a mother who’s just given birth begins to hemorrhage, Sid barks at the nurses to grow up and do their jobs when it seems they are about to ignore him as the emergency department swings into action.

Dexter offers his services to Tony, to help out with the boxing classes, and Tony agrees. Penn tells Alf he’s not going to give evidence in court against Colleen and he’ll convince the other theft victims to do the same. Alf is very grateful but worries it may be too late, the case is already in the system. However, after Penn convinces everyone to withdraw their statements, the charges against Colleen are dropped.

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