Episode 5044

Australian Air Date: 1st April 2010
UK Air Date: 8th April 2010

Marilyn starts having disturbing dreams. The graffiti artist is uncovered. Leah decides it’s time to introduce Elijah to a reluctant VJ.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Leah is on cloud nine after kissing Elijah, much to the annoyance of Colleen, who doesn’t think it’s Christian to have the Reverend kissing people. Elijah confides in Miles about the kiss, he feels guilty for feeling good about it whilst still holding his secret. Miles reminds him he needs to tell Leah the truth before he gets in too deep.

Elijah plans on doing just that. Leah asks VJ if he’s looking forward to going out with Elijah, but VJ isn’t keen – he thinks Elijah’s going to be just another guy like all the others. Over lunch, VJ isn’t receptive, but Elijah manages to get on his good side with a story about his own childhood.

Marilyn is having strange dreams, all of which include Rabbit, and are pointing towards something strange happening to Miles. In her first dream Marilyn is at home when she sees Rabbit outside, dressed as a Rabbit and munching on a carrot. She follows her down to the pier where she sees Miles standing in the water wearing a straitjacket. Rabbit tells her that Miles is not well, and its all “their fault” before Marilyn wakes up. Later on she’s nervous around Miles, not sure what her dreams mean. Colleen complains to Alf that she is uncomfortable with Marilyn – she’s still bitter about Marilyn breaking Lance’s heart. She later confides in Elijah about the situation – naming her friend “Collette” as having to deal with “Sharilyn”. Elijah makes Colleen realise that she has to forgive Marilyn.

Marilyn has another dream in the diner, where Rabbit informs her about Miles’ past on the streets. She then tells Marilyn that she has a friend who’d like to say hello, but he’s quite nervous. Marilyn turns to look at the door, where she is greeted by her dead son Byron, now 11 years old. Rabbit ominously tells Marilyn that she will die too as she turns a dreamcatcher in her hands. As Marilyn spies Miles in a straitjacket again, Rabbit says the word “Amber” and Marilyn wakes with a start. Colleen, who woke Marilyn at her table, comments that she’s as white as a sheet.

Marilyn’s dreams are freaking her out. When she tells Alf about the dreams, he thinks she’s taking them too seriously. Marilyn isn’t convinced, and tells him she believes dreams are a direct line to the spirit world. She asks Alf how Miles is coping after losing his family, and Alf states that he seems fine. She’s shaken when he mentions Byron, and explains to him about Byron appearing in her dream also – not as a baby, but at the age he would be now. They go on to talk about Marilyn’s cancer battle, where she states that technically she is in remission and the treatment was a success. She says there’s no point in worrying about it and that they should just enjoy life until the inevitable happens.

After another dream where she’s following Rabbit through the caravan park, she wakes and is compelled to go outside, where she finds Miles graffiting a van. Marilyn is thrown and has no idea what to do about her discovery. Later on she dreams about Rabbit again, standing at the bottom of her bed soaking wet. She states that Marilyn knows her name, and is about to tell her when Marilyn wakes up. As she finds a dreamcatcher next to her which has fallen from the ceiling, Marilyn realises that she does know the little girl’s name – Amber.