Episode 4770

Australian Air Date: 28th November 2008
UK Air Date: 30th January 2009

In the series final for 2008, Melody causes disaster at the school formal in a night that Summer Bay will never forget. And now that Kane is back… who will Kirsty choose?

Extended Summary

Kirsty is shocked at Kane’s surprise appearance but as Kane is trying to get her back she takes off after Miles who has gone ahead to the formal alone. Desperate to persuade her that they could have a great life together now, Kane turns up at the formal. It kills him to hear Kirsty tell him she has moved on like he asked her to – especially when she says she is now in love with Miles.

Melody has smoked a joint with Matthew and turns up at the formal despite her grounding. Seeing her humiliating herself in front of everyone, Aden takes her home before returning to the hall. Not deterred, Melody heads off to the formal yet again but when she arrives she gets paranoid that everyone is laughing at her and leaves – locking the doors of the hall behind her. Realising that Melody is missing for the second time that evening, Jai and Annie go out to look for her. They bump into Kane and ask him to drive them over to the formal to see if she is there.

As they near the hall Melody suddenly appears in front of Kane’s car and she freezes. Kane swerves the car to avoid her and crashes into the side of the hall. As screams resonate from inside the hall, Kane, Annie and Jai are unconscious in the car – petrol dripping out and threatening to ignite at any second.

Meanwhile, Jack and Watson are working on a link between Angelo and the developers and they soon find a clue that leads to Jack following Angelo late at night. Angelo hears someone near him and fearing for his life, fires off 2 rounds into the darkness until he hears a body slump to the ground. As Angelo approaches to investigate, he thinks he has killed Tim, the foreman from the developers, but when he turns the body over he is shocked to discover it’s Jack! Could Angelo have killed Jack?

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