Episode 4763

Australian Air Date: 19th November 2008
UK Air Date: 21st January 2009

Martha returns to Summer Bay. Charlie discovers the real reason for Romans disinterest. Miles lays down the law with Melody.

Extended Summary

Melody’s cheery mood ends quickly when Miles confronts her about helping Matthew to cheat on his assignment. Melody plays the victim, telling Miles that Matthew bullied her into it and takes off upset. Later, after learning her story is not true, Miles gently asks Melody to explain what’s going on with this self-destruct pattern of drinking, lying and sneaking out at night. Playing innocent, she tells him she feels alone, that nobody likes her and nothing she ever does is good enough.

Miles is worried about Melody but he’s not the only one on the receiving end of her manipulation. When a concerned Geoff goes to see her, she tells him that if he takes her to the senior formal it will make her feel much better. Wanting to do anything he can to help, Geoff agrees. Nicole is not at all happy with his decision and lets him know it. However, when Melody arrives home late, Miles has finally had enough of her lies and bad behaviour and grounds her for two weeks – which means she won’t be able to go to the formal with Geoff after all. Will Melody retaliate against Miles’ discipline?

Martha returns from the retreat looking terrific. Now feeling much stronger, she’s beaming at being back with her family. She is however, disappointed to hear that Charlie and Roman have split up. Whilst speaking to Roman she wrongly gets the impression that he’s sad they split up. Hoping to help them get back on track, Martha arranges a dinner at the Diner – and doesn’t tell Charlie or Roman that the other will be there. But when Charlie arrives and sees Roman’s expression as Jack and Martha canoodle, it all falls into place for her – there’s no place for her in his life because Roman is still in love with Martha.

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