Episode 4665

Australian Air Date: 20th June 2008
UK Air Date: 31st July 2008
Writer: Matt Anderson
Director: David Gould

There’s another new-comer in Summer Bay. The reality of being a carer hits Aden. Will Nicole and Aden ever be friends again? What’s Martha hiding from Jack?

Extended Summary

It’s an emotional day for Aden as he moves out of the townhouse and back home to look after Larry. The house brings back some bad memories but Aden somehow manages to distract himself by getting stuck into all the cleaning that needs to be done. He’s trying to make it work but will the reality of being a carer be too much to bear? And can Larry stay off the bottle this time?

Nicole tries to make it up with Aden but he again rejects her, still angry at the dismissive way she treated him that morning. But Geoff is sticking by her side and the two of them are looking very comfortable together.

There’s another new-comer to Summer Bay – Charlie’s fifteen year old sister, Ruby. And she’s brought her boyfriend, Pat, along too. They are causing quite a stir with their very public displays of affection, much to Charlie and her father’s embarrassment. Charlie is horrified that Ruby is seeing the maintenance guy from school and accuses her of getting with the first guy she lays eyes on. She is soon put in her place when Ruby notices the ongoing flirtations between Charlie and Roman. Ross and Charlie soon realise that a wayward boyfriend is the least of their worries when Ruby breaks the news that she has quit school.

Martha and Jack are excited to tell the family their baby news and Jack wants to run a sweepstake on how long it will be before Colleen lets the cat out of the bag to the rest of Summer Bay. Their excitement is short-lived though when Martha is rushed to hospital with a miscarriage scare. Thankfully everything is okay but Roman finds out and shows up at the hospital wanting to know what has happened to what could be his baby. This scares Martha as he promised to stay away but Roman says he has realised he just can’t back off. Finally they decide to find out once and for all who the father of this baby is. With Jack out of the room, Martha and Roman sign for consent form for the tests. But will Jack find out what is really going on?

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