Episode 4653

Australian Air Date: 4th June 2008
UK Air Date: 15th July 2008
Writer: Clare Atkins
Director: Danny Raco

Jai might be innocent, but that doesnt help Leah. Ric’s first day on the job couldn’t be any worse. Why is Melody so frightened of Axel?

Extended Summary

When Jai overhears Miles admitting that he’s not one hundred per cent sure Jai didn’t take Leah’s money, he’s actually quite hurt. When called on it, Miles can only wish he hadn’t said it, especially when Jai reveals that he was with Annie when the money was taken. Leah’s all apologies when she finds out, but it still doesn’t help the ever worsening financial situation she’s in with the Den.

Ric’s off to his first day working as a security guard, this time at the hospital, and when Rachel sees him arrive, she’s strangely uncomfortable. He’s not impressed to find he’s been partnered with Larry, Aden’s dad, nor with Larry’s work ethic of do as little as you possibly can. Meanwhile, we discover the real reason Rachel was so distracted. Viv is in the hospital, and she doesn’t want Ric to know. But when Ric sees her name written on a whiteboard, Rachel has no choice but to admit that Viv was there, and give Ric some awful news. She lost the baby.

With the court date for breaching his AVO looming, it’s hard for Geoff not to think about Melody. He decides to write a letter asking to get back together. He’s convinced himself that maybe if they’re open about it with Christine right from the beginning this time, no sneaking around, she might be okay with it. With some convincing from Annie, Melody accepts the letter, but before she can say goodbye properly she spots Axel walking past, and inexplicably takes her leave. Seeing her take flight, Axel confronts Melody about the way she’s reacting to him, insisting that she can’t look scared or people will get suss. Annie spots the encounter and, concerned, asks Melody what it was about. Finally, Melody opens up. At Nicole’s party, when Axel found her alone upstairs, he tried to force himself on her.