Episode 4622

Australian Air Date: 22nd April 2008
UK Air Date: 2nd June 2008
Writer: Clare Atkins
Director: Sam Atwell

Is Geoff falling for the new girl in town? Aden’s flirtation lands him in hot water.

Extended Summary

Irene and Leah are shocked by the news that Nicole is Roman’s daughter. They had no idea he had a kid, and so they corner him for all the details. In typical Roman style, he only reveals the bare minimum – pretty girl meets young guy from the wrong side of the tracks. They’re young, dumb and impulsive – don’t play it safe – baby is born. The mother’s parents didn’t approve of Roman, so they sent the mother away before Nicole was born. It’s only now that Roman and Nicole are starting to get to know each other.

Meanwhile, Nicole is making quite a splash in Summer Bay – she’s turning the heads of some, and rubbing others up the wrong way (like Irene!). Annie, however, is totally blown away by Nicole’s energy and confidence (much to the chagrin of Melody). Geoff is also impressed by Nicole…in fact, he’s so enamoured that he’s reduced to a gibbering mess in her presence. Nicole loves the attention!

Aden is stung by Nicole’s interest in Geoff, so gets in his face, telling him to steer clear of her. However, when Aden later tries to make a move on Nicole she reacts strangely. He’s left wondering if perhaps he’s crossed the line with her.

Jack and Martha are in heaven, revelling in their new found happiness together. They’ve finally found their way back to one another – and this time they are determined to never let go. However, fearing their friends and family might think their reconciled too soon after Sam’s death, they decide to keep it a secret for now. But their plan is blown out of the water when Alf walks in and finds them kissing…