Episode 4550

Australian Air Date: 16th November 2007

Are Jack and Martha still in love? Rachel says goodbye to Lewis. Will Martha escape the hospital attacker?

Extended Summary

Ryan enjoys his farewell party as Leah finally makes arrangements to move to America with Dan.

Lewis and Rachel discuss the loss of their child. Lewis wants to get past it, to get their relationship back on track, but the experience has taught Rachel they’re just in two different places, and moving in different directions. She wasn’t willing to wait until Kim was ready for a baby, and she’s certainly not willing to wait for Lewis. Surprised to see her at work later on, Lewis tells Rachel that he’s been offered a surgical rotation, it would be good for his career, and mean they didn’t see each other so often. He tries once more to patch things up, but Rachel is sure about their break up, and he leaves her life.

As Sam goggles in disbelief, Martha tries to explain why she has the wedding dress, and more importantly, why she’s wearing it. When the zip sticks and she can’t get it off Sam loses it and leaves. When Jack goes back to pick up the dress Martha’s still in it. He can’t deny his attraction to her in the dress, or in her underwear after he helps her get it off, and when he asks why she put it on there’s a hint of hope in his voice. When Martha tells Michael the story he asks her if she still loves Jack. He doesn’t care what the answer is, he just needs the truth. Eventually Martha tells him that yes, she does, but she wants to be with Michael, and they grow a little closer.

Jack for his part is also struggling, and he admits to Tony that he’s in love with two women. When a peace offering from Martha to Sam blows up at the hospital she refuses to wait for an escort, and as she ventures out into the car park alone she suddenly finds herself fighting to escape the clutches of the hospital attacker.

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