Episode 4283

Australian Air Date: 27th September 2006
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Emotions and tempers run high in the wake of Cassie’s infidelity. Martha and Jack’s marriage woes intensify. Matilda and Lucas accept that they’re relationship is over for good.

Extended Summary

Ric is stunned by what he has just witnessed and rips into Cassie, demanding an explanation. His anger intensifies as Macca steps in. Sally arrives home and is shocked to see Ric and Macca battle it out. Ric is absolutely disgusted and everything Cassie says to justify her actions, falls on deaf ears. Ric storms off as Cassie bursts into tears, wishing the whole world would just swallow her up. Sally admits she is ashamed of Cassie – not for loving Macca, but for deceiving

Meanwhile, the Christening celebrations have come to an end and Martha and Jack are helping clean-up. Jack raises the idea of meeting up with Martha for a drink. Martha agrees before moving off, leaving Jack hopeful. Martha heads home and Sally brings her and Alf up-to-date on the situation. Alf is outraged, as is Martha – who storms out on a mission to find Macca and give him a piece of her mind. Martha eventually tracks down Macca and rips into him but Macca responds with a heartfelt declaration of love for Cassie and there is little more that Martha can say in protest. Macca also cops an earful from Sally who warns Macca that if he ever does anything to hurt her – he will pay!

The situation worsens when Ric announces that either Cassie leaves the house or he will – but there’s no chance in hell that he’s going to live under the same roof as her any more. Sally is devastated as her family falls apart around her. Amidst the action, Martha discovers Jack knew of Macca’s affair and that he’s kept the truth from her. Martha confronts Jack in disgust and it becomes clear that as far as she’s concerned – their marriage is as good as over!

Cassie has her bags packed and is ready to move in with Irene for a short while. Before she walks out the door, Ric rips into her, insisting that the sight of her makes him sick and he’s wasted 2 years of his life being with her. Cassie is stopped dead in her tracks, mortified by Ric’s outburst. Ric moves off and Cassie buckles to the ground, sobbing her heart out. This is by far one of the lowest moment in her life!

Dean and Gareth are having a drink at the Surf Club when Matilda and Lucas arrive. Lucas is clearly awkward being around the guys but tries his best to cover. Dean announces he is moving to the city with Gareth. Matilda insists she will miss him and she moves close for a hug, much to Lucas’ discomfort. Lucas moves away and Dean is struck with a thought. He says good bye and moves off with Gareth. Shortly after, Matilda receives a phone call from Dean – he wants Lucas and her to meet him at the boat wharf.

Meanwhile, Dean is in the process of setting up a romantic picnic to encourage Matilda and Lucas to get back together. Matilda and Lucas are on their own and Matilda thanks Lucas for helping Dean – it meant a lot to her. The couple share a loving kiss but in doing so, realise that despite their strong love for each other, they accept they have grown apart. It’s a mutual understanding and they vow to be good friends.

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