Episode 4284

Australian Air Date: 28th September 2006

Ric is on a downward spiral as he struggles to deal with Cassie’s deception. Belle gets a rude shock when Drew breaks up with her, but she’d never guess he’s falling for her mother.

Extended Summary

Having heard the news about Macca and Cassie, Matilda arrives to offer Ric her support. Despite Matilda’s efforts to get Ric to talk about things, he remains a closed book, much to Matilda’s concern. Meanwhile, Sally is helping Cassie to settle into Irene’s house where she is staying for a few days but once she is out of sight, Sally expresses her concerns to Irene. Irene says that as a believer in giving someone a second chance – she tries to reassure Sally that Macca could be a reformed man but clearly Sally is not so confident…

Later, Cassie approaches Matilda who’s walking along the boat wharf. Matilda is cold towards her and Cassie begins to beg for her friend’s understanding and forgiveness. Matilda insists she will not support Cassie’s decision and moves off, leaving Cassie devastated by yet another rejection. Back at the Diner, Cassie is filling Macca in on her encounter with Matilda, when she spots Matilda and Ric walking in. Ric moves over to Cassie and Macca and begins to make a public scene – insisting that a woman with no respect for herself is going out with a guy that hits woman – what a match made in heaven. Matilda drags Ric away, leaving Macca and Cassie deeply embarrassed. Things just keep getting worse when Macca arrives for work and is greeted with the news from Alf that he no longer has a job at the Surf Club. Upon hearing this, Cassie declares she wants to leave the Bay but her decision is quickly turned around when Macca insists they just have to be strong and eventually people will accept their relationship.

Ric heads to the gym to take his frustrations out on a punching bag but ends up in an argument with Arnie, a fellow gym goer. Ric’s temper reaches boiling point and eventually he snaps and punches Arnie, which results in a trip to the police station. McGrath stresses that although Ric is lucky to escape assault charges, he is skating on thin ice. Ric heads home, still with a head full of steam and takes his rage out by hurling some objects across the room. Matilda arrives at the door in time to see Ric’s outburst and is immediately alarmed by his behaviour. Matilda moves over to Ric and manages to calm him down. Ric slowly begins to open up and eventually he is resolved to tears as he admits how much Cassie has hurt him.

Meanwhile, Belle is rabbiting on to Drew about how everyone around them is in relationship crisis and how good they are to be so stable and in love. Unbeknownst to Belle, Drew is trying hard to hide his guilt about his feelings for Amanda and makes an excuse to leave. Down at the beach, Drew is trying to figure out what’s going on his head, when Belle approaches, demanding an explanation for his quick exit. Drew decides to bite the bullet and much to Belle’s shock, Drew breaks up with her!

Later, Amanda returns home to discover a heartbroken Belle. Amanda is reeling as she realises the implications of this latest development. She traces Drew down at the Surf Club. It’s the end of the day and there’s no-one in sight. Amanda questions why he broke up with Belle and Drew launches into the explanation that he is so attracted to her – that nothing else matters. He only has eyes for Amanda. Amanda begins to soften with all the male attention and Drew slowly leans in for a kiss. Amanda is reluctant at first but eventually gives in to temptation. They are on dangerous territory but how long will they be able to keep their affair a secret?!

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