Episode 4175

Australian Air Date: 28th April 2006

Dom goes to sadistic lengths to make Ric pay. Cassie and Macca’s relationship reaches a dramatic crossroads. Lucas and Matilda call it quits.

Extended Summary

Cassie storms out of the house with Macca in tow as he tries apologising profusely for what she’s just overheard! Cassie is furious and tells Macca she can’t believe she fell for his act – it seems she’s just like the others girls he’s used. Macca tries to justify it but Cassie doesn’t want to listen to his excuses and charges off, leaving Macca feeling terrible.

Ric enters the gym when he hears the faint sound of crying. He moves inside and discovers Cassie curled up in the corner. Ric is instantly worried – what’s going on? Cassie tries to hide her pain, but as Ric approaches, she breaks down. Ric tries to get a smile out of Cassie and reminds her how sweet she is – what’s she doing with a loser like Macca anyway? Cassie’s spirits are buoyed by Ric’s support. Meanwhile, Martha is ripping into her brother, but in fine Macca form, he has gone into shutdown mode and refuses to talk about it. Martha gives up and storms away. Jack, however, has Macca figured out and identifies that Macca is freaked out because Cassie has admitted she loves him. Jack’s just hit the nail on the head! He gives Macca a bit of man-to-man advice and suggests he tell Cassie how he feels – or will risk losing her for good.

Cassie and Matilda are filling each other in on their boy troubles on the way to school. Cassie suggests she should make more of an effort with Belle – at least for Ric’s sake. After all, he was so supportive. Matilda is not so forgiving and as a result, things are still tense between her and Lucas! Cassie is surprised when Macca appears at the school. He bites the bullet and admits that he loves her too. Cassie is bemused, believing it’s just another superficial way to get what he wants. Macca is devastated by her rejection. Lucas is also trying his peace talks with Matilda but it doesn’t go to plan and before they know it, they’ve broken up! They are devastated – it’s the last thing they wanted to happen but both are too stubborn to admit it.

Cassie pours her heart out to Martha who is stopped dead in her tracks when Cassie tells her Macca declared his love for her. He what?! Suddenly the puzzle starts fitting together and Martha realises Macca really does have feelings for Cassie but couldn’t admit it! Cassie kicks herself for not seeing the truth. Macca is meanwhile packing his car, ready to leave town when Cassie arrives. She reiterates her love and they end up embraced in a long goodbye kiss. Macca tells Cassie he has to do his job – but to keep thinking of him…he’ll be back soon!

Ric arrives for another day at work but receives a cold reception from Dom following the payback prank. Ray arrives and is far from happy that one of the cars has been returned with faulty repairs. He immediately rips into Dom for his incompetence but Ric stands up to Ray and admits he is also partly to blame. Ray accepts this and warns them to lift their game but Dom is unsure of Ric’s motives for dobbing himself in. Later in the day, Ric and Dom have lunch at the Diner. Things are seemingly going well and Ric is relieved to finally be making some positive progress with Dom.

It’s the end of a long day and the lads pack up and head down to the Surf Club for a well earned drink. Ric insists he will catch up – he’s got one last thing to attend to. As he lay under the car, he hears a noise – but there is no response when he calls out. Suddenly, he feels an excruciating pain in his legs and quickly realises they are soaked in battery acid. Ric is screaming in pain as Dom stands back out of sight – watching with a deep look of hatred. This evil game is far from over!