Episode 4026

Australian Air Date: 15th August 2005
UK Air Date: 30th January 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Morag’s discovery about Kim’s mother leaves Hyde reeling, as he desperately tries to keep the truth from reaching his son. On her first night in the Bay, Amanda is the victim of violent attack.

Extended Summary

Dan, still reeling that Amanda is the new drama teacher at school, pulls her aside and demands to know what the hell she’s doing here after what she did at the wedding… Amanda admits jealousy caused her to tamper with the wedding – but she’s realised the error of her ways. She’s decided to give up acting and settle down in the Bay. She asks Dan for a place to stay, but he refuses.

Hyde realises that Morag has the letter and knows the truth. They discuss its contents and Morag solemnly agrees to keep Hyde’s secret safe. She goes to Kim and tells him that due to a new and very time consuming case, she will no longer be able to help him in his search for his mother.

Alone, Kim stares out to sea, his heart deflated. He looks around and in the distance sees Hyde walk briskly down the street carrying a bag. A car pulls up next to Hyde and Kim ducks down. Hyde cautiously looks around, reaches into the bag he is carrying and hands the woman in the car something Kim instantly recognises – the box with his mother’s stuff in it. Kim’s stunned.

On the phone to a mate at the RTA, Kim writes down an address. He tells Hayley he’s knows where his mother is, explaining that she calls herself ‘Lorraine Robertson’ these days. Hayley worries that Kim’s jumping to conclusions, but Kim thinks it makes sense…

Nervous, Kim approaches Lorraine’s house with Hayley. Hands shaking, he rings the door bell. After a time, Lorraine answers. Tongue-tied, Kim asks her if she’s Kerry? Lorraine doesn’t deny it, demanding to know who is asking. Kim smiles nervously, and explains that he is Kim Hyde – her son… Lorraine’s a complete and utter bitch to him, telling him that she left him for a reason – she didn’t want him then and she doesn’t want him now. Kim’s heart is breaking, but Lorraine remains firm. She turns to head back in the house, leaving Kim and Hayley astounded.

Scott and Amanda have been checking out rental properties with a local estate agent. Amanda can’t believe how quickly they found something. She thanks Scott for his help and invites him to dinner that evening.

Kim sadly tells Hyde about his encounter with ‘his mother’ Lorraine. Taken aback, Hyde remains silent, as Kim explains that he now understands why Hyde was trying to protect him from her. Drained, Kim says at least the matter is at rest now. Once he moves off, Hyde makes a phone call to Lorraine who is not Kim’s mum, but Hyde’s sister! Hyde asks why she pretended to be Kerry. Lorraine says what else could she do? She asks Hyde if it worked. Hyde sighs, yes, but it was horrible, he was devastated – but I think he’ll leave it alone now. Which means the truth is safe…

Scott arrives at Amanda’s flat and is surprised to see the door is slightly ajar. That’s odd… He pushes it open and calls out to Amanda – but he hears nothing. Scott moves inside and sees that the place has been trashed! panics and yells out again – Amanda! Then he hears muffled screaming coming from the next room and runs inside to find Amanda bound and gagged, with a nasty looking bruise across her shoulder. Scott races to her side. What the hell has happened?!

Guest Cast


Third appearance, last seen in Episode #4025. Informed Barry that Morag had been in his office to ‘collect her bag’.

First appearance. Barry Hyde’s sister. Kim’s aunt. Pretended to be Kim’s mother after being located by him, in an attempt to stop him from finding the truth.


New Opening Credits: Flynn with Sally blowing daisies; Hayley, Kim and Scott splashing about; Beth snatching daffodils from Barry and Irene; Robbie and Tasha with butterflies; Tony being bowled down by Lucas and Jack; Alf and Martha hugging as she tosses his hat; Ric, Matilda and Cassie in photo; Amanda posing as Colleen looks on; Dan kissing Leah while holding frame.