Episode 3928

Australian Air Date: 30th March 2005

Sally’s convinced the Stalker is still out there. Alf has a huge surprise for Ric. Colleen turns to murder to help the Miss Groper pageant. Ric’s grudge against Alf is rekindled.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #182 played by BURCIN KAPKIN. Roo and Brett’s daughter, adopted out at birth. Alf’s granddaughter. Farm girl and electrician. Was brought back to the Bay by Alf after being reunited with Roo in New York.

> Martha was brought up on a farm until her adoptive mother died and her brothers moved to Melbourne for work. She initially located Brett who wanted nothing to do with her, then flew to New York and met Roo, where she has been for the last six months. She is now 18 years old.

Extended Summary

Ric’s upset when he finds out Alf arrived back from the USA the day before and didn’t even say hello! Flynn and Sally hope this is isn’t the re-emergence of Ric’s grudge against Alf. Alf sees Ric at the Surf Club and tries to explain his absence. He says he didn’t know what kind of reception he’d get. He starts to talk about a ‘surprise’ he’s got, but Ric walks away in disgust. Cassie takes him out for a cheer-up game of ‘Dodge the Pedestrian’ on her bike. It turns into a nasty game of ‘Chicken’ when they almost collide with a young girl. Ric and the girl have a nasty spat and that’s where it seems to end…

Meanwhile, Robbie is continuing to big-note himself over the commercial he’s starring in. Kim is happy his relationship with Zoe is going much better since she got the message to slow down. He’s a bit worried that Zoe might be uncomfortable hanging with younger friends, but Zoe assures him she’s not. Tasha’s still reluctant about being in the pageant – only doing it because she feels she owes Colleen for nursing her during the plane crash.

Colleen’s trying to drum up entrants in the Miss Groper Pageant, but is getting a mass of excuses. Same goes for her attempts to get them to help her with fundraising ideas. Finally she comes up with the idea of a murder/mystery afternoon. She goes over to Sally’s to ask if it’s appropriate (given what’s happened with Noah and all the stalker ruckus). Sally thinks people know the difference between a play and reality.

But Sally herself is acting very strangely since her accident – locking all the doors and being too scared to venture outside. She’s only just holding it together. When Alf comes over to say hello, she breaks down in his arms and reveals her inner fears for the first time: one part of her says the fall was just accident – the other just can’t help wondering if an intruder caused it. It’s turning her into a recluse in her own home! Alf finally introduces his ‘surprise’ to Ric. It’s the girl Ric and Cassie nearly ran over on their bike! Her name is Martha, and she’s Alf’s Granddaughter! (Roo’s 18-year old daughter – adopted out long ago) She’s come to live in the Bay. Ric’s reaction to his cousin isn’t exactly welcoming, leaving Alf frustrated. Everything he tries with the boy comes to naught!


The tension is still simmering between Matilda and Cassie, and Cassie wants to know why. Henry presses Matilda on the reason – is it jealousy? Matilda finally gives in and admits she still carries a torch for Ric. Henry agrees not to tell anyone, but Cassie senses he knows something and uses her feminine whiles to tease it out of him. Suddenly it all makes sense! She confides to Matilda that Ric’s great, but they’re just mates. The best way for Matti to get closer to him is for her and Cassie to be friends. Matilda sees the logic in this and the great turnaround is complete – much to Ric’s confusion.


The rest of the Bay take quickly to Martha – or Mac as her friends call her. She’s a country born-and-raised with a straight-up approach to life and skills as an electrician. Sally asks her to check the fuse box and as they chat away, Sally suddenly falls silent. When Mac goes to check her out, she finds Sally collapsed on the floor…out cold!

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