Episode 3927

Australian Air Date: 29th March 2005

Jesse’s decision turns Josie’s life upside down. Scott’s night of romance sweeps Hayley off her feet. Dan is shattered by Ryan’s disappearance.

Final episode. Returned to the States after making amends with Leah.

> New Opening Credits (from Episode #3929) – Flynn with Sally blowing daisies; Hayley, Kim and Scott splashing about; Beth snatching daffodils from Barry and Irene; Robbie and Tasha with butterflies; Alf with Martha and Jesse hugging; Ric, Matilda, Cassie and Henry in group photo; Colleen berating a bemused Josie; Dan kissing Leah while holding frame.

Extended Summary

Ryan has run away after the telling off Dan gave him the night before. Dan and Peter head off to search for the child and Dan fields a call from an irate Amanda demanding to know why her son is missing. Peter manages to calm her down (much to Dan’s chagrin), and the two of them split up. Peter finds him down by the boat wharf and convinces him that his Dad is never going to get back with Amanda, and most importantly, Leah makes Dan incredibly happy – they’re in love. Ryan is finally persuaded to come home.

Jesse is back in town and Hayley tries to broach how much Josie’s been missing him, but Jesse wants nothing to do with it. When Josie tries to talk to him later on, he wants nothing to do with her either – leaving Josie frustrated. After another thwarted attempt to talk to him, she finally snaps that he can’t keep playing games with her. She storms out, challenging him to be a man and tell her what he really wants. The look on Jesse’s face shows her words have hit home.

Jesse tells Hayley he’s found the perfect partner for the bar – Alf! He’s just back in the Bay after a stint in the USA and he’s realised it’s very important for him to be busy. Hayley thinks it’s great. “Welcome aboard, partner!”

When Ryan gets home he breaks down in front of Leah and Dan and pleads that he never meant too hurt VJ. Leah holds him in her arms – accepting his apology. There’s a new understanding between Ryan and Leah. Later on, Dan tells Leah that he felt a bit jealous of Peter’s ability to handle Amanda AND Ryan so much better than him. Leah assures him it’s natural that his relationship with Ryan will always be different to Peter’s because he has to do all the unpopular ‘Dad’ things.

Hayley’s trying to work out what Scott’s got planned for their big date that evening. But he’s giving nothing away. Later on that day at sunset, he takes her to the Flat Beach where a waiter serves them dinner and champagne. Under those romantic circumstances, a passionate kiss is de rigeur.


And then comes the piece de resistance – Scott has organised a string quartet to play for them so they can dance! Hayley is blown away.


And when they get back to her place that night, try as they might, they can’t abide by their rule to take things slowly. The next morning Scott wakes up in Hayley’s bed and with the sun streaming through the window, the two of them profess their love for each other.

Now that things have changed with Leah, Ryan doesn’t want to leave Summer Bay! But he has to, and as a parting gift, he makes replacement wedding invitations for the ones he destroyed. It’s a touching apology and a sign of acceptance of Dan and Leah’s marriage.

Jesse passes Josie on a morning jog and decides to have it out with her. He tells her he loves her, and for a second Josie thinks he wants her back, but then he crushes all that hope by telling her that it’s not enough. There will always be a part of him that suspects she might betray him again and for that reason it will never work. Two people who love each other but cannot be together. This is goodbye. Josie is left devastated.

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