Episode 3926

Australian Air Date: 28th March 2005

Kim and Hayley’s one night stand threatens to tear her newfound happiness with Scott apart. Leah’s outraged when Ryan puts VJ’s life in danger. Robbie’s commercial is a whole lot more than he expected.

Advertising talent-scout and contact of Lisa’s who met with Robbie about his impending ‘Yabbie Creek Donut Hut’ shoot.
First appearance. Informed Leah that VJ’s scolded hands would be fine after Ryan’s fire prank went wrong.

Extended Summary

Hayley and Scott are enjoying each others company after he nearly went to the city with Lisa. Scott apologises to Hayley for the way he treated her and admits it was pride that got in the way. Now…he just wants to be with her. Full stop. But he’s dreading having to face the family again.

Dan’s trying to get the Weber barbecue going and not having much luck as Leah brings home the invitations to the wedding – fresh from the printers. Ryan is not happy at all – especially when he finds there’s no invitation for his Mum! Later, when he’s alone with VJ, he grabs some matches and throws the wedding invitations in the bin and lights it up. The only problem is that once the fire is out, VJ manages to put his hand in the ashes and burn himself. His screams alert Leah, and she is beside herself when she realises what happened and that Ryan did it. She rushes VJ to hospital.

Kim comes home to find Scott and Hayley snuggling up and says he’s glad they sorted things out. Scott remarks that it’s lucky things didn’t end up going too far between Kim and Hayley. Kim and Hayley force a smile but we see them share a look – they’re hiding a secret. When Hayley gets a moment alone with Kim she asks if he thinks they should tell Scott. Kim is against the idea. She wasn’t with Scott when they slept together. He doesn’t think she should rock the boat when she hasn’t done anything wrong. She decides to take his advice. Later on, the romance continues when Scott tells her they’re going on a surprise date, but won’t reveal any details – just that she has to dress up.

Robbie’s commercial shoot is coming up soon and he’s got a meeting with the company representative. Robbie thinks it’s going to be some kind of funky streetwear product, but that gets cancelled and instead they want to use him to be the face of the Yabbie Creek Donut Hut! Despite incredible ribbing from Kim and Tasha, Robbie doesn’t care, he thinks he’s going to be a star, and his head is starting to swell at a huge rate.

Hayley tells Leah that her and Scott feel perfect together, no awkwardness etc – just as she hoped. Meanwhile Scott is explaining to his family why he’ll be staying, and they’re all glad. He apologises to Beth for his attitude towards her, but he acted that way because she was hitting the nail on the head and he didn’t want to admit it.

VJ’s hand will be okay, but Leah is furious with Ryan, and Dan is very disappointed. Ryan feels terrible. He tries to apologise to his Dad later that night, but Dan sends him to his room and Ryan snaps. Dan is hurt but stands his ground. Later, Ryan again tries to tell Dan how sorry he is. Dan understands, but explains that his actions have really disappointed him, and sends him back to bed. Ryan feels so awful that later on that night, he sneaks out with his backpack on, and leaves the house. He’s running away from home!