Episode 3920

Australian Air Date: 18th March 2005

Scott and Lisa’s announcement stuns everyone – but Hayley has information which could change everything. Ric is blown away by a mysterious girl. Colleen comes face to face with an enemy from the past.

First episode. Joy’s granddaughter. Mysterious sex-bomb who played games with Eric on the beach.
First appearance. Cassie’s grandmother. Former Miss Groper contestant and Colleen’s rival. Attended the Miss Groper pageant meeting to Colleen’s frustration.
Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3917. Attended the Miss Groper pageant meeting.
Chased Cassie after taking his jetski.

> Matilda is 15 years old. Colleen won Miss Groper in 1959.
> Colleen was presented her title by Mr. Johnny O’Keefe

Extended Summary

Beth isn’t happy about Scott’s news that he’s moving to the city. She thinks he’s rushing something that’s not even about love. But Scott says he’s following his head, and despite all the reasons he shouldn’t do it, he’s convinced this is the best option for him right now. Beth has no choice but to accept his decision. Hayley is tormented by her predicament. Should she tell Scott what she knows about Lisa? Sally warns her to cool down first, but Hayley can’t be stopped. She confronts Lisa about her lies. But Lisa comes right back on the offensive and warns her not to say a thing to Scott. There’s a lot more to it than Hayley knows…

Lisa tells Scott, Hayley dropped by earlier and she thinks Hayley is acting really strangely around her. Scott concedes he’s noticed it as well, but he thinks Lisa just needs to get to know Hayley better. But we can see Lisa’s words have got him thinking…

Today is the day of the first Miss Groper meeting and Colleen is very excited, although nobody else seems to be. She takes everyone through the true spirit of Miss Groper and waxes lyrical for what seems like an eternity until a woman of the same age arrives and suddenly Colleen’s attitude changes completely. This is Joy Foxton – a Reefton Lakes local and a competitor in the same Miss Groper 1959. Colleen claims Joy tried to sabotage her. The meeting turns into bedlam, much to everyone’s amusement. Colleen objects to all Joy’s suggestions, and the two women are at each other’s throats. But Joy manages to get a fund-raising float passed, and also the age-requirement lowered to 15. Colleen’s not happy but young Matilda is.

Beth confronts Lisa over her worries, but Lisa assures her she didn’t expect this to happen so quickly. Now it has, they have to give it a chance to flower.


Ric meets a young girl on the beach who shows him a good time on a surf ski, only for him to find out she’d taken it from some unknown guy. They get chased by the guy and Ric realises he’s become completely taken by this brazen young spunk. And yet she won’t even tell him her name! She simply gives him a quick kiss and races off. He’s smitten!


The first Miss Groper meeting comes to an end after much rancour, and Colleen charges up to Joy and tells her she doesn’t know what she’s playing at, but she knows she’s up to something and she’s going to find out what it is! The battle is on.

Beth confides her fears about Lisa to Hayley and it’s enough to convince Hayley to talk to Scott about Lisa. She takes him outside for a private chat and finally tells him the truth: Lisa has a husband. Scott is absolutely shocked…