Episode 3902

Australian Air Date: 22nd February 2005

Kane and Kirsty decide to leave Summer Bay. Zoe confronts Flynn over his drug problem. Scott’s heart is breaking as he watches Hayley and Kim together.

Third appearance, last seen in Episode #3893. Relieved Flynn of his demanding roster schedule after renewing her faith in his abilities.

Extended Summary

A shocked Kirsty is coming to terms with Kane’s suggestion to leave the Bay for ever if he’s found not guilty. She goes to Beth for advice, who tells her to ‘follow her heart’.

Flynn walks a dangerous line when Sally nearly catches him taking some of his ‘stimulant’ pills. He comes in for more pressure at work when the CEO says she’ll be shadowing him all day to report back on his standard of work. He better be on his best form. In an effort to stay in peak form for his continued assessment, Flynn pops a few pills (amphetamine), but is caught by Zoe who demands answers – does Sally know? Flynn says they’re harmless stimulants to help him keep going. He warns her to drop the judgmental tone…in fact drop the subject all together – it’s none of her business.

Scott tells Beth he’s come to terms with his feelings for Hayley: she’s with Kim and he needs to get on with his life. Beth is far from convinced.

Leah and Dan are back from the city, flushed with the news that the Poulos family actually likes Dan! They’ve dived headlong into plans for the wedding, and Leah feels a little better now she knows a disgruntled employee has been fingered as the likely cause of the plane crash.

Kane thanks Morag for standing by him despite the overwhelming evidence. Morag thinks his chances are still 50/50. The lynchpin will be Kane’s brother Scott Phillips – he’s agreed to testify on Kane’s behalf. Kane gets even better news from Kirsty. She thinks now is the time to start afresh…they’re going to leave Summer Bay. Irene’s devastated, she can’t bear the thought of Kane leaving the Bay because he thinks the town’s against him. She throws a surprise party for Kirsty and Kane. All their closest friends come to show support for their decision, and to let them know Summer Bay will always be their home if they want – regardless of the vocal minority. Kane and Kirsty are touched by the show of love. Later that night, on the eve of his court appearance, Kane gives Kirsty a heartfelt declaration of love. Kirsty returns it in tears, she’s not ready for the case to start, and can’t bear the thought of being torn apart. Kane fights back tears; tomorrow is his day of judgement.

At the party, Leah’s gets suspicious about what’s gone on since she’s been away (she doesn’t know about the threatening – Summer Bay will Pay – letter). She asks Irene, but Irene’s keeping mum. Tasha observes that Kim and Hayley act more like ‘mates’ than lovers. It’s an observation that gets Hayley thinking, but Kim dismisses it. He reckons good mates make the best couples. Scott finally drops his front to Beth. He does feel something for Hayley, but he fears his destiny is to be a ‘loser in love’. And Zoe has the chance to tell Sally about Flynn’s drug taking, but stays silent. He thanks her for her discretion, but Zoe warns him he’s on his last chance. She won’t cover for him again.

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