Episode 3856

Australian Air Date: 8th November 2004

Alf may have found the lead to his long-lost son. Is Dani falling under Stafford’s spell? Kim makes a stand over a nude centrefold.

Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3853. Consoled Dani at Viv’s emotional funeral.
Viv’s younger sister, present at Viv’s funeral. Gave Alf a clue to the possible whereabouts of his son.
Presided over Viv’s funeral.

Extended Summary

Dani, Alf and Morag have headed to the city for Viv’s funeral. Stafford is also there. Only one other person has turned up, much to Alf’s disappointment. When the funeral is over he finds out that the woman is actually Viv’s sister Hannah. He knows she’s the best chance to get information about the child Viv gave away. After a preliminary mental block, she suddenly remembers the Marions; a childless couple who babysat them whenever their parents went out. She reckons if Viv gave the child away to anyone – it would be them.

Scott decides against going to the city to be with Dani (and stop Stafford from making a move on her). Josie finds out Hayley was the one who convinced him not to go. She says Hayley’s done her friend a major disservice. Josie wasn’t warning Scott because she has a hang-up about men. She did it because Stafford is a predator – and he’s out to get Dani. Hayley feels the chill wind of guilt. Did she do the right thing? Her complex is not helped when she spots Scott at the Diner looking glum. He’s tearing himself up over what Dani might be doing with Stafford in the city. Despite a call from Dani to say that she really misses him, the voice of Stafford in the background has brought all of Josie’s warnings back to haunt him.

Robbie and Kim are ecstatic over their new room. They’re having a heap of fun decorating it. Kim even takes out a girlie poster to put up on the wall. Robbie thinks it’s hilarious! Kim says it’s a man’s right to express himself! Beth isn’t so impressed; she reckons he better put it behind the door, so Matilda’s friends don’t have to see it. When Matilda says Kit won’t like it, Kim transfers the poster quick smart.

Stafford takes Dani out to lunch in the city, but work is not on the menu. He’s intent on seducing her, and she doesn’t suspect a thing. For her it’s a welcome diversion from the intense feelings of the last couple of days. As the lunch goes on, Stafford convinces her not to leave for the Bay that night (she’s had too much to drink), but instead to come out with him to some celebrity party. Dani naively agrees. She leaves a message on Scott’s phone to this affect – not realising how badly it will affect him. Scott is unaware of these developments and is moping around the Hunter house. Beth says the only thing he can do is trust. Scott reminds her that she trusted Jack and Rhys and look where it got her! No, he felt something portentous from the moment he heard about Viv – and Stafford is the fulfilment of that prophecy.

Alf is ecstatic at finding a lead to his son, but he’s also emotionally drained by the events of the day. When he and Morag get home, he finds there are three Marions in the phone-book, but the last thing he wants to do is start such a major search. He disappears to bed, only to reappear a few minutes later. He’s been tossing and turning, thinking about how close he is to finding the son he never knew he had. Morag reminds him about the Stewart curse. His other children have been cretins. Does he really want to risk finding another one? Alf says he’s got no choice; this is his own flesh and blood. He picks up the phone…