Episode 3349

Australian Air Date: 22nd August 2002

Kelli fears the worst when Riley and Braydon disappear. Charlotte makes a life altering decision. Brodie grapples with the prospect of losing Mav.

Extended Summary

Leah and Alex tells Kelli that she has to fight and not give up on Jason.

Shelley tells Charlotte how the baby is going while living back with her mummy. Charlotte and Mav bump into each other in the beach at the lookout.

Alex and Kelli walk along the beach and Kelli notices that Riley and Braydon have gone missing and Kelli stresses out trying to look for them. Kelli finds them with a lollipop each and thinks that Jason is back.

Charlotte drops into the Sutherlands for a drink of water after along walk. Charlotte decides to move away and she asks Mav to move away with her. Mav says no that he wants to stay with Brodie that he doesn’t want to let her down.

Alex breaks out crying in front of Kelli and then they share a kiss.

Brodie has a talk to Mav about moving away with Charlotte and that he should go that it is part of Mav’s journey around the world.

Starring Danny Raco as Alex, Paula Forrest as Shelley and Susie Rugg as Brodie.

Rachael Jennings

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