Episode 3322

Australian Air Date: 16th July 2002

Aimee cracks, leaving Hayley and Noah confused and scared. Leah can’t bring herself to tell her family about VJ’s condition. Charlotte finally gets some closure with Jude.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #2999. Visited the Bay for V.J.’s christening.
Return episode, last seen in Episode #3190.
Return episode, last seen in Episode #3195 played by PETA TOPPANO.
Return episode, last seen in Episode #3190.
Asked Alf where Aimee was.
Offered Aimee a lift as she left town.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Hayley catches Aimee on the bed with Noah. Hayley goes over to Irene’s to tell her about Noah and Aimee. Noah tells Aimee that he loves Hayley, Aimee tells Noah that she loves him and that they are a couple. Noah leaves the room and goes over to Irene’s to talk to Hayley. Noah tells Hayley that he didn’t know that Aimee was there. Hayley didn’t know what to do. Irene tells Hayley that Noah should have his say about it.

June tells Seb to leave her alone.

Hayley tells Noah that Aimee has to leave and that she doesn’t trust her anymore. Hayley tells Aimee why she slept with Noah and she makes a story up about Noah touching her. Aimee gets upset and walks out of the room.

Alex has a talk to Charlotte about the change of Leah’s mood. Charlotte tells him it is normal for her to be in a mood like that.

June and Fisher have a meal at the Diner. Fisher gets a call on his mobile about the school alarms going off, which he has to attend at the school right now. June doesn’t want him to go, But he has no choice.

VJ has to have a hearing aid. Leah stresses out over VJ and the christening. Colleen goes over to Leah’s.

Hayley tells Aimee that she has to leave that her and Noah can’t trust her anymore. Aimee gets upset and leaves the palace. Hayley and Noah start to feel sorry for her. Aimee hitchhikes to the city. Noah tries to catch her before she goes.

Alf goes over to keep June company. Seb scares June when he arrives in the Diner. Seb and June have a talk while walking along the beach. Seb and June have a disagreement while taking a walk about her stealing.

Leah’s parents arrive in the Bay. Leah needs support.

Charlotte and Jude bump into each other on the beach and they talk about the twins. Jude tells Charlotte that he is very sorry about everything.

Hayley finds out why Aimee is very upset. Hayley tells Noah about Aimee’s background, about how her parents died and that Aimee doesn’t know if she could cope without her parents.

Noah talks to Jude in the Diner about how both of them are acting towards each other, They both become friends again.

Leah tells her family that VJ is deaf.

Starring Lyn Collingwood, Lynne McGranger, Beau Brady, Rebecca Cartwright, Ada Nicodemou, Chris Egan.

Rachael Jennings