Episode 3123

Australian Air Date: 29th August 2001

Alex’s drag race ends in disaster. Dani comes to Alf’s rescue on the boat. Vinnie is investigated for fraud.

Final episode.
Detective from the Fraud Squad investigating Vinnie and his dad’s dealings.
Charter boat client of Alf’s whose sexist remarks irritated Dani.
Stan’s boating pal who made Dani see red.
Lifeguard who informed Vinnie of Alf’s baiting accident.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Alex and Noah went drag racing in Vinnie and Leah’s car. To top it off the engine exploded after he added something to the fuel to make the car go faster. How there going to fix it without Vinnie and Leah finding out is anyone’s guess. Leah is already fuming at the thought that Alex is using the car to pick up girls.

Vinnie’s feeling the heat as detectives start investigating him for multiple types of fraud. Alf has been asked a few questions about Vinnie’s business dealings, too. Alf reckons this problem isn’t going to disappear.

It looks like Dani’s doing a good job on the fishing charter. Alf was impressed by the way she dealt with an accident he had while on the boat. Apparently he got a hook caught in his hand while they were fishing. When he did, Dani got the pliers, removed the hook, wrapped Alf’s hand in a towel and brought the boat back to the wharf. Alf began worrying about their clients, whom they’d left on the rocks so they could do some rock fishing. Dani just piped up and said there was no hurry about picking them up. They weren’t overly friendly towards her, calling her names and the like, so she wasn’t in any hurry to pick them up!

Brodie’s mum, Jan, arrived today. She’s impressed with Rhys, to a point where she spent most of the day chatting him up. It’s obvious she’s trying to hone in on him. Lets hope he realises this before something happens because Jan looks like trouble.

Erin Flannery