Episode 3121

Australian Air Date: 27th August 2001

Gypsy makes a momentous decision about her future. Dani scores a controversial job with Alf. Vinnie finds his smile when Chris arrives with a gift. Sally agrees to sing at the Drop-in Centre’s fundraiser.

Return episode, last seen in #2999. Returned to the Bay to give Vinnie his 1974 Shev-V8 Camaro.
Drop-In Centre guy who Sally helped type his CV.

Extended Summary

Gypsy’s decided to leave town before Will returns from the UK. However running away from her problems isn’t going to solve them.

Noah and Jude played the tape of Sally singing with the band at the DIC. As Sally was escaping, Flynn tried talking to her about ‘the kiss’. Gypsy saw and wanted to know what was going on. Sally told her everything, admitting that she is confused and determined not to change the friendship between her and Flynn. Sally can’t see the relationship working.

There’s going to be a fête and slave auction for the DIC. Shelley’s asked the band to play. In turn, Jude asked Sally to sing, while she agreed, she’s now having second thoughts.

Alf’s hired Dani Sutherland to work for his fishing charter in Will’s absence. She was jealous about Jade getting a part-time job, so she decided to get one of her own. Alf offered Noah the job but he turned it down, saying he had too many commitments. Dani overheard and offered her services. Alf’s sceptical and is testing Dani by telling her to be there by 5am. With early mornings, Dani probably won’t lasting for too long.

Leah and Alex’s other brother, Chris, arrived in Summer Bay. Vinnie thought Chris was checking up on them. He was wrong, because Chris came to give them his car. Vinnie’s never looked so happy. It’s going to take a lot to wipe the smile off his face.

Erin Flannery