Episode 3005

Australian Air Date: 16th March 2001

Shelley panics when it appears Geoff has gone sailing in a vicious storm. Brodie pines for Alex. Alf feels bad about leaving Duncan. Kirsty helps a kid in trouble.

Final episode.

> Alf heads overseas to see Roo.

Extended Summary

Shelley found out the hard way today just how much she cares for her dad. Shelley couldn’t wait to get rid of Geoff after disagreeing with his decision to leave her mother for Linda. But he was about to sail off when Rhys mentioned an approaching storm. The Sutherlands were in a panic when they bolted back to the wharf and found the boat gone. Apparently the thought of her dad being caught in the storm distressed Shelley no end. A little while later Geoff appeared, surprised they’d underestimated him.
Brodie is down in the dumps about her operation. She’s still forgetting things and feeling self-conscious after having a large section of her head shaved. She’s taken a fancy to Alex and is quite upset by the idea Dani put in her head that Alex is visiting her out of guilt.

Nick’s doing everything he can to get himself and Kirsty away from Duncan and Jade. It’s not working because the girls are so inseparable.

Kirsty bumped into the kid, that Noah and Hayley helped, and that attacked Tom. Nobody knows who he is or why he’s running away, but Irene’s got Constable Carter on the case. Apparently the farmer denied knowing the boy, but Carter thinks something else is going on. Anyway, Kirsty left some sandwiches out for him. Who is this mysterious kid and why does he run away anytime someone comes along just to help?

Erin Flannery

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