Episode 2998

Australian Air Date: 7th March 2001

Excitement, nerves and family dissension surround Leah and Vinnie’s wedding. Shauna says that Holly is deluding herself if she thinks she is going to get back with Jude.

Return episode, last seen in #2832. Returned to the Bay as Vinnie’s best man.
Theo’s brother. Christina and Effie’s father. Dimitri, Chris, Leah and Alex’s uncle. Dodgy electrician who had fallen out with Alex. Visited the Bay for the wedding celebrations.
Con’s daughter and Christina’s sister.
Presided over Leah and Vinnie’s wedding.

Extended Summary

Vinnie was worried that Tom wouldn’t show up. But he needn’t have worried because he surfaced in time. Chris (Leah’s other brother) and Tom got Vinnie ready, and Chris told Alex there was no way Alex was going to spoil Leah’s big day. Chris invited Holly to the wedding, much to the distress of Noah, Jude and Shauna.
Vinnie had a shocker while he was waiting for the bride to arrive. He even thought Leah had run off and wouldn’t go through with it! But Vinnie needn’t have worried about Leah, because it was Sally who almost ran. When they arrived at the church she froze.She just kept thinking of her own failed wedding day. Luckily Colleen came to the rescue and got her through.

The wedding was in ancient Greek, so that made things a little tricky. Alf had his ‘I can’t understand a flamin’ word’ look on his face!

The reception looked great, except for the arguments between Alex and Con and the stresses between Holly and Shauna. Holly overheard Shauna and Sally in the bathroom talking about about her. They were talking about how Holly’s been causing problems and how she’s deluded by thinking all men find her irresistible. Shauna and Sally didn’t realise at the time that Holly had been invited by Chris until, one of the bathroom cubicle doors opened and out walked Holly! Holly seems to think that she’s got Jude all to herself.

Erin Flannery

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