Episode 2938

Australian Air Date: 25th October 2000

Sam’s behaviour becomes increasingly unstable. Sandy has trouble dealing with the fact that she’s had a child. The Stewarts receive more bad news about the future of the diner. Consumed with guilt, Colleen avoids Leah.

Return episode, last seen in #2905. Returned to the Bay to settle his share of the Diner insurance proceeds. Disappointed Alf and Ailsa by refusing to reinvest.
Informed Shelly of baby Bella Rose’s stable condition.
Second appearance, last seen in #2937.

Extended Summary

Will was shocked to see Sandy on his bed! He figured out that she was the girl who had the baby and when he went to get her a painkiller, he called Shelley as well. Shelley turned up and talked to Sandy about the baby and why she ran away. Sandy said that she came to Summer Bay to have the baby because it would be a nice place to grow up. When Shelley went to call a doctor and Will followed her, Sandy took off out the window!
Later, Shelley went to the hospital to visit the baby and Sandy was there. Sandy even named her baby and there might be hope that she would keep it!

Sam returned like a whirlwind. He walked into Fisher’s house where Ailsa and Alf were and demanded that they talk about his share of the Diner. Ailsa tried to explain to Sam about how they might start making a profit when they open the new Diner but they needed his share of the insurance money. Sam said that he was taking the money and there was no more to be said about it. Fisher tried to talk sense into him but it seems that no-one can get through to him.

Sam then went to the Surf Club and Will spotted him. They had an argument about Hayley and they decided to fight it out outside. When they were walking out, Sam hit Will in the back of the head, punched him a bit and then left.

Colleen is practically tripping over herself to avoid Leah and Leah has caught on! Leah confronted her and Colleen denied avoiding her and just ran into her house (she is feeling guilty about Leah talking the blame for the fire).

Caterpillar, 2000