Episode 502

Australian Air Date: 27th March 1990
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Michael Sergi

Ben and Carly resolve their differences and the wedding is back on. Emma decides violence is the only language Vicki Baxter understands.

Extended Summary

Carly is angry with Ben and says bad things about him in the Fletchers kitchen. Carly decides to give her ring back to him.

Ben is angry with Carly and talks to Grant about it. Anyway, Ben seems to realise that he still loves Carly.

Ben sits in the caravan and thinks of how to tell Carly he is sorry.

Carly walks in and gives the ring back. They start arguing again and Carly throws the ring out of the caravan!

Later at night, Carly was out walking and comes in and is very upset. Pippa is up and talks to her. Carly cries a lot and Pippa comforts her.

The next morning, Ben is out looking for the ring. Grant comes along and talks to him. Grant reckons Ben is too stubborn and that he should apologise to Carly. Ben says he was about to apologise to Carly when she came along to return the ring. Grant helps Ben look for the ring.

Emma is very angry with Vicki at the school for what she did to Grant. She pushes Vicki against a wall in school corridor. Fisher sees it.

Fisher talks to Vicki in his office. He wants to make sure that she really is telling the truth about Grant when she accused him of sexual harassment. Vicki sticks by her story that Grant really did do it.

Emma tells Viv and Steven that she will pressure Vicki to tell the truth. Steven tells Emma to use another method to get Vicki to tell the truth.

Tom talks to Ben in his caravan to try to sort things out between Carly and Ben. Tom also tells him that he and Pippa are OK with the wedding being held in Perth. Ben doesn’t think things will work out and says he will leave the caravan park for good. Tom talks seriously with Ben about what the problems are.

Grant talks to Carly to try to sort things out between her and Ben.

Ben and Carly are out in a forest and see each other. They hug after a while (emotional music plays).

Carly and Ben tell Tom and Pippa that the wedding is back on again. They explain they have solved the problem of location of the wedding. They will get married in Summer Bay and then renew their vows in Perth so everyone will be pleased.

Ben and Carly search for the ring outside his caravan. After a while they find it near Dag Dog.

Steven, Viv and Emma tell Fisher about Vicki’s trick with Steven’s card that she used just to cause trouble between Steven and Viv to make him see what a liar Vicki really is. Fisher says it has nothing to do with the accusations of Grant and they need proper evidence to prove if Vicki is lying.

Emma is angry. She threatens Vicki to beat her up if she doesn’t tell the truth about Grant. They fight a bit and after a while Vicki is forced to agree to tell Fisher the truth that Grant is innocent.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

Guest Cast



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