Episode 482

Australian Air Date: 27th February 1990
Writer: Cassandra Carter
Director: Peter Dodds

Adam’s plans for Grant backfire, and Carly is impressed by a new arrival in town.

Extended Summary

Al and Sophie are driving away and Sophie finds the Superman comic in the car that Bobby and Matt were talking about. Al yells at her to put it back. They pass Adam and Emma’s fake breakdown but Al doesn’t stop.

At Summer Bay House, Grant gets a phone call from Alf at the store. He asks Grant to pick up the surf skis he ordered as they have just turned up at Yabbie Creek Station but Emma has got his car. Grant agrees, but wants to be back in time to sign up for the ironman. Two army soldiers, Dave and Ben, come into the store and Alf chats with them. They’re in town for a few weeks and Dave is interested in the women Summer Bay has to offer.

Grant comes along the road and Emma finally gets to put the plan into action to prevent him signing up for the ironman. Adam hides behind a tree while Emma tells Grant the car has broken down. Grant gets out to have a look, and Adam lets the air out of one of Grant’s tires. Meanwhile, Matt arrives home to find a broken lamp and Sophie gone.

Ben and Dave arrive at the Diner and Ben stops in his tracks when he sees Carly. Dave whistles and sleazes over Carly. Ben apologises to Carly and tells Dave he’s coming on a bit strong. Bobby tells Carly the one with the dark hair (Ben) is pretty cute. Bobby accuses her of being fickle as she had the hots for Grant last week. Matt comes in and tells Bobby that Sophie has gone. Bobby wants to know if he’s taken the evidence as well and asks Carly to hold the fort.

Matt and Bobby find Donald’s house ransacked and the comic gone; they have no evidence against Al now. Matt thinks Donald will be in the clear now Al isn’t here to testify but Bobby is worried for Sophie with that animal.

Adam discreetly jumps into the back of Alf’s car as Grant gets it running again. Emma thanks him and drives off, leaving Grant to discover his flat tire.

Al stops the car and he and Sophie get out. Sophie asks where they’re going and Al says somewhere they can have some peace and quiet. If Sophie behaves herself then in a couple of weeks they’ll be on easy street.

Detective Hunt has arrived at Donald’s and tells Matt and Bobby there’s nothing they can do. As far as he’s concerned no offence has been committed, except by the two of them! He warns them to keep their noses out.

Grant finishes fixing his flat tire but then notices a tire on the other side is also flat!

Back at the Diner, Ben and Dave are discussing whether or not to go back to Perth. Ben wants to stay here. Dave thinks Carly fancies Ben and asks what his secret is. Ben says you learn a thing or two growing up with five sisters, and you don’t have to be Italian to appreciate good manners. Dave sees a leaflet for the ironman and tells Ben they could pay their rent and have some left over. They get up to leave and Dave has to drag Ben away from Carly.

Adam and Emma arrive at the surf club and Adam checks Grant hasn’t shown up yet. He signs up for the ironman. Dave and Ben arrive for Ben to sign up. Adam says it’s for locals only but Dave makes up a relative in Alf’s regiment in order to talk him round.

Bobby and Matt lament the bad day they’ve had, losing Sophie and the evidence, and the police threatening to charge them. What else can go wrong?

Adam is delighted that time’s up and Grant hasn’t arrived at the surf club. However, Alf has filled in an application on his behalf! Adam and Emma say that’s not fair. Alf and Emma get back to work at the store and Alf suddenly wonders where Grant has got to. If anything has happened to those surf skis…

Dave and Ben are back at the Diner and Carly is delighted that Ben is sticking around for the competition. Ben asks if she’s entering the beauty contest but Carly thinks it’s degrading. Ben is clearly smitten. Emma arrives and tells Adam that Grant still isn’t back. Adam isn’t bothered but Emma warns him if she cops it he’d better run for the hills. Ben asks Carly if she knows anywhere they can stay. Carly says it’s funny they should ask.

Tom shows Dave and Ben into a caravan and asks how they heard about the place. Dave says it was the cute blonde chick at the Diner and asks if she’s a bit of a goer! Tom says Carly is his foster daughter and the smile disappears from Dave’s face, but Tom is amused; Carly can look after herself.

Bobby puts the phone down and tells Matt that Simpson’s car has been found abandoned but the police don’t see the point searching; Al and Sophie have probably hitched a ride into town and their hands are tied until he fails to show up in court. Bobby has an idea… what if they haven’t hitched a ride but have found a place to hide?

Grant is at the store, breaking the news to Alf that the surf skis have been stolen. Alf says nobody gets two flat tires. Grant thanks Alf for signing him up for the ironman. As Emma stacks shelves, Grant pointedly says it would have been terrible if he’d missed out. He’s clearly onto Emma.

Matt and Bobby look at a map of where Al’s car was found. Matt says the waves there aren’t good but Bobby knowingly says it’s good for fishing; she knows where Al has taken Sophie.

Guest Cast



First episode. Antonio and Gina’s son. Francesca’s brother. Corporal from the army who visited the Bay with his mate Dave. Fell for Carly.

First episode. Ben’s womanising army mate on leave from their station in Perth.


Arrivals and Departures

First episode. Antonio and Gina’s son. Francesca’s brother. Corporal from the army who visited the Bay with his mate Dave. Fell for Carly.


  • Ben has 5 sisters.