Episode 422

Australian Air Date: 24th October 1989
UK Air Date: 1st October 1990
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Mark Piper

Emma’s life takes a new course and Lance and Martin make a frightening discovery.

Extended Summary

Lance is complaining about washing the car but Martin tells him they need to make a good impression when transporting food to the hot dog van. Stacey is walking through the caravan park and Martin tells her about the new business.

Donald tells Morag she doesn’t have a leg to stand on with her legal threat to get Emma enrolled; he has the authority to run the school the way he sees fit. Adam barges into the office to ask about fixing a filing cabinet and Morag says Donald doesn’t even having authority over his employees. They argue over the dress code exchange threats to tarnish each other’s reputations. Donald agrees to enrol Emma if she passes an aptitude test. Morag and Emma leave the office with Emma refusing to take the test. Donald tells Adam he can fix the filing cabinet but it’s too late; Adam will put it on his list. Steven overhears Donald lecturing Adam but Adam.

Stacey is at Summer Bay House trying to convince Carly to give Adam another chance. Carly says the only reason Adam didn’t cheat on her was because Milly was only after his yacht and not his body but Stacey thinks he has learned his lesson. Steven comes home for lunch and tells Carly to give Adam a break because he’s miserable.

Donald arrives at the Diner and has a go at Ailsa but she didn’t know anything about Morag and Emma’s plan. She defends Emma fighting for an education but Donald asks why she won’t take the test then. Adam butts in, saying Emma probably thought he would fail her, and Ailsa says maybe Donald should have told Emma he’d make allowances. Donald says he can’t do that but perhaps Emma could enrol in year 10 instead of 11. Ailsa will try to persuade Emma to take the test.

Lance and Martin are trying to drum up custom at the hot dog van but haven’t sold any yet. Emma exchanges insults with them. Viv calls out to Emma and asks her why she isn’t taking the test. Emma doesn’t want to give Donald the satisfaction of her failing but Viv asks what if she could assure her of getting at least 80%.

Morag comes into the Diner and Ailsa has a go at her for helping Emma. Morag tells Ailsa that Emma’s sole reason for pretending to want to go back to school was to be a thorn in Donald’s side and says Emma has really got Ailsa wrapped around her little finer. Banjo comes in, barking, and trips Ailsa up, resulting in Morag getting a cheesecake in the face!

Steven is on a run and doesn’t want any junk food from Lance and Martin. He says their hygiene isn’t much of an invitation; it looks like they wiped the car down with Lance’s t-shirt. Lance says they did! Steven finds Adam inside the surf club and tries to persuade him to do something tonight but Adam is too depressed. His parents worked hard to give him a good start but he’s thrown it away. Steven tells him to start again but Adam doesn’t see a point.

Viv arrives home and she and Donald agree to stop arguing but after Donald leaves the room Viv searches through his files and finds the aptitude test.

Lance and Martin come into the Diner arguing about Lance sabotaging their sales. Ailsa tells them to go outside if they want to argue because she’s stressed about Morag. Stacey suggests they give the hot dog stand a new image and name.

Steven arrives and tells Carly he’s worried about Adam but Carly claims not to care. Steven says Adam might leave since he has nothing to hang around for but Carly says that tactic is not going to work. Martin arrives and gives Steven $50, supposedly to help the family out, but in actual fact he wants Pippa to make uniforms for him and Lance. Pippa isn’t home so he takes the money back.

Donald leaves to see a film and Viv pulls out the aptitude test and takes it to Emma at the Diner. Donald arrives at the Diner and Viv claims Emma is helping her with some homework. Donald says if Emma were capable of doing that she would be taking the test. Emma announces that she is.

Emma arrives at the school the next morning and Donald takes her for the test. Steven doesn’t think she has a hope of passing. Donald finds Adam in his office and has a go at him but Adam says he was fixing the filing cabinet like he said he would. Donald sits Emma down and gives her 30 minutes to take the test. Emma asks if it’s the Fisher special for kids he wants to fail!

Martin pulls up in the car outside the mobile home, wearing a suit, and forces Lance to put a tie on. They take their new sign to set it up by the hot dog van. The new name is “Café de Waves” and the sign has surfers with “head in the hole” cut-outs for people to have their picture taken. Martin hopes people will buy a hot dog while they wait to have their photo taken. However, they find the van has gone!

Emma finishes the test with five minutes to go and Donald looks surprised. He takes Emma into a classroom and introduces her. Viv arrives late and is dressed and made up like Emma, with wild hair. Donald is stunned.

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